What Star Wars Costumes Are You Allowed to Wear at Galaxy's Edge?

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Disney Parks released some official guidelines to help guests understand what Star Wars costumes they can and cannot wear at the newly opened Galaxy's Edge theme park in California. First announced back in 2015, a second Galaxy's Edge park is set to open in Walt Disney World Florida later this year. The parks seek to offer an immersive Star Wars experience and are modeled on a specially-designed, brand new planet to the franchise, Batuu. The California park finally opened its gates at the end of last month in a mammoth opening ceremony that featured a plethora of big Star Wars names and features two main rides, a host of shops and is also the first among the Disney parks to serve alcohol among its food and drink outlets.

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Since opening, however, there has been some confusion regarding guests wearing costumes while visiting Galaxy's EdgeThe park's immersive ethos seems to encourage an element of cosplay and the shops located within the area sell full Star Wars themed outfits as part of their merchandise range. However, these costumes are not permitted to be worn in the park itself and there are several other resort-wide restrictions in place that go beyond the usual 'no nudity' and 'no weapons' restrictions found at comic conventions.

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To clear up any confusion, Disney Parks released a set of  Galaxy's Edge dos and don'ts to help guests over the age of 14 avoid being dragged away by Mickey Mouse and locked up in Sleeping Beauty's castle. Essentially, those over 14 years old cannot wear any "full" outfits, including robes or entire-body attire like Stormtrooper or Wookie costumes. Also banned are any military-style items including body armor and knee pads, blasters and holsters, masks and headgear and face paint.

Disney Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Costume Donts
Disney Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Costume Dos

Disney recommends guests practice "bounding," which means wearing an ensemble of every day clothes designed to resemble a character or the general Star Wars look. For example, a guest could wear a white top, gray cardigan and brown belt to look something like Rey. Proper footwear must be worn and lightsabers are also permitted.

At first glance, the restrictions might seem a trifle excessive, especially since Galaxy's Edge actively promotes an immersive experience and sells costumes that violate Disney's own costume policy. However, there is an understandable logic behind the restrictions that ensures the safety of guests. Recent years have seen an increase in terrorist attacks in public spaces and any attraction with large gatherings of people has no choice but to ensure as far as possible that those entering the park have nowhere to conceal weapons or dangerous items. Clearly, full Jedi regalia makes this tricky.

Secondly, Galaxy's Edge needs to ensure that guests can tell the difference between staff members in costume and guests in cosplay. A fully-kitted out guest could cause untold issues by posing as a Disney employee and to preserve both the safety of attendees and an immersive atmosphere Disney Parks' restrictions are an unfortunate but necessary evil.

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Source: Disney Parks

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