What To Expect From The Restaurant And Cantina At Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Some further details surrounding the restaurant and cantina elements of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge theme park have been uncovered. Galaxy's Edge is currently under construction at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, replacing Big Thunder Ranch and Streets Of America respectively. These new lands will encompass 14 acres and after beginning construction in April 2016, are set to finally open next year with the California park opening first.

The intention behind Galaxy's Edge is to make guests feel entirely like they have stepped into the Star Wars movies, with every facet of the park designed to feel like an original planet in the famous galaxy far, far away. It has since been revealed that the park will be set on a new location to the Star Wars universe called Batuu. Previous reports have revealed attractions such as a flyable Millennium Falcon and interactive V.R. experiences.

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More has now been revealed about the eating situation at Galaxy's Edge and thankfully, it doesn't involve milking green fluid from the local wildlife. According to the DSNY Newscast, a new permit filed for the park reveals plans for a "Food Service Show Element" to be installed at the Florida location - a strong sign that progress is continuing apace at the park set to open later. Satellite images have shown two eating establishments being built within Galaxy's Edge; one is labelled as a "Cantina" and will be a standard table-service attraction with a design not unlike that of Mos Eisley, Captain REX as resident DJ and, apparently, an area for live music.

Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes in Star Wars A New Hope

The second area will be a "Quick Service" establishment complete with U-shaped bar and a more casual tone and it is this area that DSNY Newscast host, Jack Kendall, believes the new permit relates to.

Until Galaxy's Edge is finally open to the public, any details surrounding the park are mostly informed speculation at this stage, but the documents and images available do suggest that both eating areas on Batuu are going to be a lot more than just your standard Disney diner. Instead, the suggestion is that both areas will have entertainment elements to them which will no doubt help recreate that iconic Mos Eisley feel and immerse guests into the Star Wars universe.

Naturally, Star Wars fans will be hoping to see an appearance from Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, the memorable band from A New Hope and with the amount of entertainment seemingly included at the eating spaces in Galaxy's Edge, that is looking like a distinct possibility. Diners should prepare to have that theme tune stuck in their head for the rest of the day.

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Source: DSNY Newscast

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