10 Star Wars Gadgets Make Us Feel The Force (And 10 That Are Funnier Than Jar-Jar)

Originally debuting back in 1977 with the release of the film which would retroactively be titled A New Hope, Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon for more than forty years at this point, and, with Disney now championing a new series of sequel films, it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. A masterpiece of film making which has won over multiple generations of fans, it’s one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time.

Of course, where there is a rabid fandom, there must also be a ludicrous amount of tie-in products to satiate the demand. George Lucas couldn't have imagined during the making of the film that people would one day want to own toasters which burnt visages of Darth Vader into their breakfast, but, so long as it has something to do with the property, fans of his galaxy far far away will run it out of stock. Seriously, some of this stuff can’t even be pre-ordered because it gets gobbled up so quickly.

Yet, what is there to give the Star Wars fan who already owns all of the Lego sets and six-inch vinyl figurines? Well, there’s a wide world of wacky sci-fi gift-giving options out there, and online retailers like Amazon are so full of the stuff that it’s almost overwhelming. But fear not, here are 10 awesome Star Wars-branded gadgets that help us get in tune with the Force (and ten that are just too funny).

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20 Awesome: Darth Vader Toaster

Available on Amazon: $34.99

Yes, it actually exists. Mandated by the Emperor himself (probably), every storm trooper is required to eat toast emblazoned with Vader’s infamous mask for breakfast. While this is an awesome concept in and of itself, the best part is the toaster's design. It’s meant to look like the apparatus the Dark Lord wears on his chest, and it’s amazingly accurate. This is a must-own for those who don’t think their breakfast is meeting imperial standards, and it’s an excellent way to escape from the everyday monotony of eating regular, non-Star Wars branded bread. There are other sci-fi themed toasters out there, sure, but this one seems particularly… forceful.

19 Funny: Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella

Available on Amazon: $27.99

What happens when some devious bounty hunter crosses your path, and you haven’t thought to bring any weapons? Well, while such a fate may befall a less-prepared Jedi, that will never be an issue with this multipurpose lightsaber/umbrella combo. It actually lights up and can potentially be used to slice through oncoming enemies. In reality, this thing is essentially only good for keeping a person dry. However, there’s a definite intimidation factor here, and conniving Sith Lords may want to think twice before confronting you in a dark alley. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, so those wishing to actually be a Sith Lord can fulfill that fantasy, as well.

18 Awesome: Star Wars Monopoly

Available on Amazon: $17.63

There are ten thousand different versions of Hasbro’s Monopoly, but this is the only Empire-approved one! Star Wars might not seem like the most logical property to convert into a board game about risking friendships in the name of real estate domination, but that hardly matters. Honestly, this looks like a pretty good time, and it would be a great amount of fun to buy up properties from Cloud City to Mos Eisley. Just make sure that Jabba the Hutt doesn’t catch wind of your activities, or you may find yourself at the mercy of some of his less-than negotiable hired guns.

17 Funny: Wookiee Seatbelt Cover

Available on Amazon: $16.99

Chewbacca isn’t the most easily distinguishable character. Among his usual ragtag group of rebels, sure, but when he’s among a group of fellow wookiees, he’s irrefutably hard to identify. That said, his one visually defining trait is his sash. Quite what it is or what it contains we don’t really know. We do know that, when we see it, we know who we’re dealing with. It’s an admittedly subtle nod to the Star Wars franchise, but this Wookiee seatbelt cover is a great way to introduce a little rebel flair to a car without overdoing it. Some people might ask why there’s a piece of carpet attached to one of the seatbelts, but, hey, that’s how we can identify those who haven’t seen any Star Wars movies yet.

16 Awesome: Darth Vader Shower Curtain

Available on Amazon: $20.99

Vader finds a lack of personal hygiene disturbing. While few people put any thought into shower curtains, Star Wars fans won’t feel right without the Dark Lord of the Sith watching over them. Plus, his commanding presence and overpowering control of the Force will help to ensure that nobody ever forgets to brush their teeth or lift the toilet seat. There’s also a fair amount of detail on this print, and Vader’s inner anguish regarding the life he once had is some heavy subject matter for shower drapes. Friends and family may think it’s just a tad too nerdy, but there is no defying the Empire’s second-in-command.

15 Funny: Star Wars Novelty Socks

Star Wars Droid Socks

Available on Amazon: $9.69

Novelty socks are particularly trendy right now, and, so long as it was a semi-famous pop culture entity at some point, there are probably novelty knee-highs available for it. Such is obviously the case with this sci-fi property, and there are literally hundreds of different designs available. However, this particular pack focuses on droids, and it presents them in a remarkably adorable way. Sure, C3P0's stone-cold stare is just a little unnerving, but look at BB-8’s big ol’ eye! Plus, it’ll be tough to come across a footwear version of the evil First Order BB-8 droid in any other pack.

14 Awesome: Han Solo Carbonite Rug

Available on Amazon

Han Solo may be a crafty galactic criminal, but he couldn’t evade pursuit forever. Wanted desperately by both the Empire and the Hutt syndicate, it was only a matter of time before his previous escapades caught up with him. Unfortunately, when Luke and friends came to drag him out of Jabba’s Palace, he was missing, because, this time around, he was trapped in someone’s man cave. This Han Solo rug is the nerdiest, most eye-catching piece of flooring anyone could ever ask for, and those who like to display all of their sci-fi paraphernalia absolutely need to get their hands on this epic piece of carpet.

13 Funny: Star Wars Wookiee Cookie Cookbook

Available on Amazon: $10.89

What exactly does a Wookiee eat? The movies never explicitly say it, but, whatever it is, it most likely isn’t safe for human consumption. Fortunately, this Star Wars-themed cookbook isn’t only for furry Kashyyykians, as fans of the series can easily whip up and chow down on any of the recipes available here. It may be true that nobody in the property’s filmography has ever been seen eating a cookie, but that shouldn’t stop loyal Imperials and rowdy rebels alike from calling a brief truce in the kitchen. Is there a recipe for Luke’s blue milk in here? Maybe—you’ll have to get your hands on it to find out.

12 Awesome: R2-D2 Droid Kit Inventor

Available on Amazon: $60.88

Ever want to program your very own droid? Of course, you have, it’s been every Star Wars buff’s dream since R2 and C-3P0 were first introduced. While it may not be quite as illustrious as in the movies, this kit allows users to piece together and develop code for their very own R2D2 model. It may look fairly complicated for a toy intended for children, but it would definitely help to spark an amount of ingenuity in anyone trying to figure out how it works. Plus, a little droid-building know-how will go a long way once we finally harness the technology needed to make them for real.

11 Funny: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Available on Amazon: $13.58

Hark! What light from yonder space viewport breaks? Most Star Wars seem to believe that George Lucas was the property’s original screenwriter, and, while an understandable misconception, it simply isn’t the truth. William Shakespeare, as it so happens, was the first to pen the epic story of a galaxy far, far away, and the evidence is right here. His long-extinct diction may be a little tough to comprehend, but that’s part of the fun. Fans of the movies should still be able to figure out what’s going on, and both the prequels and original trilogy received the old English treatment.

10 Awesome: Boba Fett Backpack

Available on Amazon

Though he’s very seldom seen in the original trilogy, Boba Fett seems to be one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars series. While his actions are often reprehensible and he spends a majority of his time in league with the Empire, he definitely has a cool set of Mandalorian armor. Short of sporting your own full cosplay set, why not settle for this awesome-looking Boba Fett backpack? Anyone familiar with the first six movies will find this to be instantly recognizable, and there’s nothing like a little bounty hunter swagger to boost confidence at work or school.

9 Funny: Death Star Waffle Maker

Available on Amazon: $39.99

Waffles are always a great way to start the day, but there has to be a way to introduce a little space fantasy into everyone’s morning meal. Well, in fact, there certainly is. Tons of different Star Wars-themed waffle irons are available on the internet, but this seems to be the most apt design. The Death Star was already vaguely waffle-shaped to begin with, so this feels like a natural transition. This is the way every Imperial should be starting their day, but these must be eaten alongside a nice, tall glass of weird blue milk from the planet Tatooine.

8 Awesome: Tie Fighter 3D Wooden Model

Star Wars Tie Fighter Wooden

Available on Amazon: $14.99

Snapping together plastic models of complex Star Wars ships can be fun, but, at the same time, most of those kits aren’t all that kid-friendly. Instead, perhaps consider picking up a wooden model. Relatively easy to assemble, this model is shockingly detailed for something which should seem so simple. Plus, the build can still be painted once it’s been put together. The kit also comes with a lengthy instruction booklet which not only details how to put the thing together, but the history, use, and lore behind these infamous imperial ships. It probably doesn’t explain how they are able to make that noise in the vacuum of space, though.

7 Funny: Millennium Falcon Remote Controlled Drone

Available on Amazon: $99

Ever want to see how fast the ship which made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs could zip through your backyard? Well, thanks to advancements in consumer-grade drone technology, that’s a possibility. While it may not be to scale, this thing is still tons of fun to fly around and an excellent collector’s piece for fans of all things Star Wars. Solo: A Star Wars Story finally elaborated on Han’s notorious claims regarding his escape from Kessel, but, with the ship in your very own hand, that doesn’t have to be the end of its exploits. She might not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.

6 Awesome: Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Available on Amazon: $28.99

Vinyl records have been relegated to a relatively niche appeal these days, and Etsy and other craft-focused sites are filled with repurposed records and other neat DIY projects meant to transform that dusty old outdated music collecting sitting in the attic. This might be one of the coolest ways to give new life to an old piece of media, and this retro vinyl turned clock showcases everything fans love about the awesome multimedia franchise. While hardcore collectors probably wouldn’t want to part with such a thing, it would be even cooler to go the extra mile and buy an old vinyl record of a movie soundtrack and have it turned into one of these.

5 Funny: Death Star Popcorn Maker

Available on Amazon: $49.99

Tarkin’s technological terror may have had the ability to destroy entire planets with a single blast, but this one is arguably more powerful—it can make popcorn. The marriage of popcorn and cinema is deep and longrunning, and there’s nothing like experiencing these films while munching on some popcorn popped from the very bowels of the Emperor’s universal enforcer. The space station developed in the movie may be impressive, but, unlike that one, this kitchen appliance comes with no fatal flaws and will be exploding with snacks rather than just, well, exploding. That’s no moon—no, in fact, it’s something much tastier than that.

4 Awesome: R2D2 Measuring Cups

Available on Amazon: $28.99

Measuring cups are the last thing anyone would think of when it comes to Star Wars theming, but, given that the property’s fandom knows no bounds, these R2D2 measuring cups are available on Amazon. What does the famous droid have to do with baking? Nothing, but that’s missing the point. Why would anyone elect to use regular old measuring cups when pouring out their flour or sugar when they could be using a replica of their favorite Star Wars character. Plus, set includes a little stand to hold everything so it all stays in one contained little unit. Honestly, this is a pretty great little piece, and a must-have for any avid bakers who also happen to be fans of these movies.

3 Funny: R2-D2 Screwdriver Set

Available on Amazon: $9.71

What would be the perfect tool for a handyman who also happens to be a huge fan of the Star Wars movies/ Well, look no further than this three-piece R2-D2 interchangeable screwdriver set. It may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but items like these can actually come in handy when dealing with screws of differing shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s sort of reminiscent of R2’s little metal rod that he uses to hack into computers and other terminals. It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but perhaps manual labor doesn’t have to come across as so foreboding once this little multi-purpose astromech droid is by your side.

2 Awesome: Death Star Retro Vintage Shelving Unit

Available on Amazon: $89.99

No Star Wars themed man cave could possibly be complete without this awesome circular Death Star shelving unit. Though it may look like it's about to roll away, this could be the focal point of an office space or study decorated with nerdy paraphernalia. This would be an awesome find for those who are really invested in collecting and reading all of the extended universe books, but it could also be used to display an extensive DVD and blu-ray collection. Now friends, neighbors, or co-workers will have no choice but to comment on your vast collection of Star Wars laser discs. Yes, that one was signed by Anthony Daniels, thanks for noticing.

1 Funny: Han Solo Carbonite Mini Fridge

Available on Amazon: $79.99

If you thought the Han Solo throw rug was awesome, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Though small, this Han Solo carbonite mini fridge is a perfect real-world adaptation of the space pirate’s days spent on ice. It may be just a little barbaric, but this will almost certainly get a laugh out of anyone familiar with the fifth or sixth movies. It may come across as just a little pricey given how little it can hold, but it’s such a rare novelty that it would be tough to pass up regardless—in the words of Han himself, let’s keep a little optimism here.

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