• Bob Iger positively responds to the idea of a Star Wars film directed by the Russos. 1 / 8

  • On the heels of Endgame's success, praise for the Russos is starting to pour in. 2 / 8

  • With no plans for an MCU return, everyone's waiting for their next big film. 3 / 8

  • Someone pointed out to the Disney CEO that the natural progression is to hire them for Star Wars. 4 / 8

  • Iger didn't confirm anything, instead he expressed his love for the Russos. 5 / 8

  • Which is a positive indication with regard to the possibility of them helming a Star Wars project. 6 / 8

  • It might take a while though since the space opera is supposedly taking a break after Star Wars 9. 7 / 8

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