Star Wars: 10 Funniest Characters, Ranked

Humor may not be the prime focus of the Star Wars movies but nevertheless, there are some pretty hilarious characters in the mix.

The Star Wars universe isn't exactly known for its humour. With such high stakes and intergalactic missions there often isn't a lot of time to crack one liners. However, there are a few characters that break this mould and allow themselves to be one of the funniest elements of the films.

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While characters like Jar Jar have been created for kids, he actually isn't that funny to anyone. This list is looking at characters that genuinely got laughs in the cinema and who we would associate with being funny. Here's 1o of those personalities, ranked!


Maz is an interesting character as she's not necessarily trying to be funny. However, everything from her design to over exaggerated glasses has us laughing a little bit. Her trade union war was also hilarious, but despite being small in stature she's an incredible warrior.

Part of the humour of this character is about defying expectations. Much like Yoda before her, Maz may seem old and fragile but she has a big heart and a big appetite for battle if she needs to. Just don't let her look into the depths of your soul with those eyes though!


General Hux also isn't trying to be funny, but it's difficult not to laugh at this imperial leader. Although he's been gifted with great power, Hux is really sickly weak and pretty much pathetic. Especially in the second film, he's played for laughs more than anything.

It's very difficult to take Hux seriously. Despite his grandeur it's quite clear that he is terrified at every moment. It's also very easy for our heroes to make fun of him, as the likes of Poe have done in the past. Maybe Hux should grow a backbone!

8 C-3PO AND R2-D2

We really can't have one droid without the other and so we've had to include best pals C-3PO and R2-D2 together. They are a comedy duo act with one playing the straight man and one the other the top comic performer. However, usually these roles switch between them!

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C3-PO is probably the funnier of the two. Most of his comedy comes from his irrational, or sometimes completely calculated, worrying. He loves to tell you the odds and fret about them and when he's not predicting trouble he's probably getting into some.

7 BB-8

If R2-D2 is a cat, BB-8 is absolutely a dog. As a lovable pet and companion BB-8 is actually really funny. His cute exterior and actions definitely help to endear him to audiences, but the small ball like droid is also pretty witty himself.

If we're not laughing at the tiny creature being thrown around by explosions, using his head as a conductor or just generally being cute, then we're laughing at his innocence and desire to be loved. The flame thrower thumbs up is a classic example of BB-8 being witty.


Lando is just about as charming as they come. With that easy personality and good looks, it's pretty simple to make people laugh. The tone of voice or witty dialogue definitely helps this scoundrel crack a few smiles in tense situations.

Throughout his life Lando has always been the much loved leaders of groups. Although sometimes his friends in the inner circles may have to laugh at his jokes, when paired with someone like Han, he is truly funny and his real sarcastic humour comes out; he definitely deserves a spin-off.

5 IG-11

One of the newest droids to join the Star Wars universe, based off of the traditional IG model, IG-11 is voiced by the hilarious Taika Waititi. As you'd expect considering he's worked on characters such as Korg for Marvel, the character is brilliantly funny.

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We haven't even seen that much of him yet but audiences are already loving him. While we have to admit that other droids such as K2-SO are also hilarious and deserve a joint spot here, IG-11 is everything that works about the robots in this world. Just don't let him self destruct!

4 K2-SO

K2-SO is an incredibly sarcastic droid and pretty lazy when it comes to helping humans. We know he means well really and will help in any way he can, but he wouldn't even carry Cassian's bag for him! He comes from a long line of witty droids in Star Wars.

K2 may be the funniest droid in the whole universe though, both in and out of canon. It's why he's getting his own spin-off show on Disney Plus and why fans so quickly gravitated towards the towering former imperial droid.


Princess Leia is witty, stern and at times the most sarcastic Star Wars character going. She's been a princess, a leader and could have even been a Jedi, but amongst all of this she's kept her charm and good humour, cracking jokes, usually at others expense.

You definitely don't want to get on the wrong side of her, but she's probably one of the only characters that could actually out wit Han Solo himself and for that we have to give her extra credit. Her responsibilities does mean she often has to be serious though.


We've mentioned a few different duos on here so we can't forget one of the best bromances that Star Wars have ever put to screen. The Resistance pilot and the rebellious storm trooper both running head first into a fight for the greater good.

While both are funny individually and the films have split them up a few times, their comedic timing works much better as a duo. Luckily the final film of the trilogy has paired them up once again so we're looking for more hilarious commentary between the two.


Could it really be anyone else in this top spot? Ever since they were introduced Han and Chewie were the funniest characters on screen. They are reckless, sometimes completely idiotic but so heroic. They have a brilliant friendship and fantastic chemistry.

Chewie usually keeps Han in check as he can be the more excitable of the two of them. Han's translations of Chewbacca have always made us laugh and not to mention the spin-off film managed to capture some of that chemistry when the team first met each other.

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