Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Ahsoka Trains With Yoda

A new episode of Forces of Destiny shows an early training session between Ahsoka and Yoda. Along with a line of figures aimed at young girls, the animated adventures of the Forces of Destiny shorts are putting a spotlight on the female characters of the Star Wars universe. And while it was only earlier this year that Disney and Lucasfilm announced the Forces of Destiny initiative, the the second season is already upon us.

Last week, we got our first look at the trailer for the new Forces of Destiny season. Airing as a pair of specials on the Disney Channel, the new season is all set to bring back the characters from last year. On top of that, characters like Han Solo, Finn, and Ketsu will also appear. We got our chance to see each of those characters as they joined forces with Rey and Sabine in the first two episodes of Forces of Destiny season 2. Now, the third episode has arrived online.

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Disney has posted the latest Forces of Destiny, titled 'Teach You, I Will.' As the idiosyncratic grammar suggests, the episode features Yoda's return. In the short, we see Ahsoka during an early point in her training. First, she spars with her master Anakin. Then, she learns how to properly wield two Lightsabers while battling Yoda.

The use of dual Lightsabers is a core part of Ahsoka, so it's interesting to see her transition into the style here. While the Forces of Destiny shorts aren't essential viewing, the latest episode makes the case for why they're intriguing little moments of character insight and lore.

This isn't the first episode featuring Ahsoka, either. Earlier this year, an episode also featuring Anakin and Yoda put the spotlight on another pivotal moment in Ahsoka's Padawan training. Likely, the fan-favorite hero will show up again.

While Forces of Destiny focuses on Ahsoka's past, her future looks all set to continue when Star Wars Rebels returns later this month. While she's sat things out after her duel with Darth Vader in season 2 of the show, hints all year have pegged her as returning this year. And though she wasn't featured in the poster for Star Wars Rebels season 4, don't expect to have to wait too long for Ahsoka to return to the world of Star Wars.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny‘s second half-hour long television special will air October 29th on the Disney Channel.

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