Star Wars Forces of Destiny Confirms Hera Was at Endor

The latest episode of Star Wars Forces of Destiny unites Han and Hera. The formalizing of Star Wars canon that came from Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm has resulted in a concerted effort to spin out more stories set in the universe. The newest project is Star Wars Forces of Destiny, a series of shorts and accompanying toys spotlighting the female heroes of the galaxy far, far away. The micro episodes have also allowed for a number of film and TV characters to interact, continuing the legacy of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

The first season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny arrived earlier this year, and it's been swiftly followed by a new batch of episodes comprising a second season. The beginning of the month saw the first round of those arrive, and featured Ahsoka fighting Yoda and a new adventure featuring Rey, Finn, and Han. Now, the latest episode offers another side story for everyone's favorite smuggler and pulls in a rival pilot.

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Following the airing of the second Star Wars Forces of Destiny special, Disney has begun posting the new episodes online. The first involves a side story during the Battle of Endor, where Leia tries to dissuade some Ewoks from eating the Stormtroopers they've encountered. In doing so, she brings Han together with Rebels character Hera Syndulla.

The short follows from one earlier this year that featured Leia and her further adventures with the Ewoks on Endor. This episode, however, significantly adds to the canon by establishing Hera was not only at the battle, but knows Han, Leia, and Chewie. Of course, this makes sense considering what we learned about the character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

While the MCU has been gun shy about pulling their TV shows into their films, Rogue One proved the Star Wars universe had no such qualms. The biggest move was to bring The Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera to life, who's since appeared on Rebels as well. Rogue One also featured multiple Rebels Easter eggs, from the Ghost ship in the blockade above Scarif to Hera's name being heard over the comm system in Yavin IV, establishing her promotion to general.

This latest episode of Forces of Destiny shows Hera made it out of that battle alive and is still fighting the Empire by the time Return of the Jedi rolls around. It also sets up a friendly rivalry between the franchises best pilots. The shorts may be small, but Star Wars Forces of Destiny is an interesting addition to the canon.

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