Ahsoka and Padme Team Up In New Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short

The latest episode of Star Wars web series Forces of Destiny has been released online, focused on a short but sweet action sequence involving Padme Amidala and Ahsoka Tano.

The Forces of Destiny series, which premiered on YouTube this past Monday and has been releasing regular episodes ever since, is part of an initiative to highlight the stronger female presences in the Star Wars universe. They are short vignettes featuring the characters in some sort of sticky situation that forces them to use their brain and physical ability to get themselves out of a dangerous jam. The episodes so far have focused on all generations of the franchise, with Rey, Princess Leia, and Ahsoka getting their time in the spotlight to shine.

Ahsoka once again appears in this latest episode, the sixth one that has been posted on Disney's YouTube page (though it's apparently episode five), which is titled "The Imposter Inside" and adds the former Queen and Senator of Naboo Padme Amidala to the mix. In the short, Ahsoka goes to discuss safety plans for negotiations that Padme is conducting with delegates that could be vital in the timeline of the Clone Wars. Ahsoka notices something suspicious in the room, however, as it turns out that there's an imposter in their midst who wants to assassinate Amidala and prevent the talks from happening. Ahsoka is able to protect the senator from the attacker's gunfire and bombs, as the two eventually subdue the threat.

Padme's role in the prequel trilogy was frequently limited to being the eye of Anakin Skywalker's affection; she was important, but her role went little further than love interest and sometimes effective political negotiator (though they did lose the Senate to the Empire on her watch). Ahsoka, on the other hand, started off as an annoying pipsqueak of a Padawan to Anakin at the beginning of The Clone Wars series and really grew into her own as a formidable military leader during battle.

This is a brief but effective short that allows these heroes to stand and defend themselves without any direct involvement from Anakin. We already knew that Ahsoka could handle herself, but it's nice to see Padme take charge and work with Ahsoka to knock out the assailant. While it may not be Natalie Portman voicing the role, it's nice to see the character take care of the problem in a way that we had hoped to see more of in the prequel trilogy.

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Source: Disney

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