Star Wars 7: Rey's Instant Bread Was a Practical Effect

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' visual effects supervisor discusses the curious creation of Rey's instant bread and why it was so hard to achieve.

The visual genius of the Star Wars universe is not just about the money shots - the vast views afforded by intergalactic space scenes and epic landscapes of alien planets. What is equally important in creating believability within a fantasy world is the attention to detail. When even everyday items are utilized to encourage viewers to imagine the history and lifestyle that would inspire their invention, narrative becomes richer and movie magic is truly achieved.

It is precisely this reason why a small domestic detail of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, involving Rey's hard earned Jakku dinner, was such a captivating touch from director J.J Abrams. This subtle moment was apparently rather hard work to achieve because, surprisingly, Rey's instantly self-rising bread was created without the use of CGI.

Star Wars opposing factions The Empire and the Rebel Alliance have been represented throughout all seven movies with starkly contrasting visual themes designed to enhance the characteristics of each side. In The Force Awakens, when Rey is introduced, her post-war scavenger lifestyle is shown through her surroundings with an abundance of visual clues. The official story behind the strange expanding bread is that it is scavenged Republic or Imperial military rations.