Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gets Hysterical Alternate Ending

A fan-made video combines footage from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to give Episode VII an hilarious alternate ending. Moviegoers might recall Luke Skywalker was absent from Force Awakens marketing materials, which was a strategic play on Lucasfilm's part. The film was mainly about finding the vanished Jedi, and Mark Hamill's role amounted to a wordless cameo in the final scene. In what is arguably one of the most iconic moments in the saga, Rey found Luke on Ahch-To and held out his old lightsaber, asking Skywalker to once again answer the call for help.

Fans had to wait two years to see the resolution of this encounter, and it was certainly not what many were expecting. After taking his family's weapon, Luke unceremoniously tossed it off a cliff, endangering some curious porgs in the process. Now that both Force Awakens and Last Jedi are out on home media, one viewer took the time to combine the two scenes into a rather amusing conclusion to Star Wars 7.

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Posted by Jacob Martin, the humorous mashup blends the sequences together, with John Williams' incredible track, "The Jedi Steps" setting the tone. As the music swells up to its most emotional heights, Luke throws the lightsaber over his shoulder. It's a pretty comical juxtaposition. Watch it in the space below:

Luke's portrayal in The Last Jedi was one of its most divisive aspects, as the character changed drastically from the idealistic, hopeful hero in the original trilogy. As an older man, Luke became filled with regret and shame over his failings and went into hiding, feeling the galaxy would be better off without him. There's no denying it was shocking to see Luke so blatantly reject his old lightsaber, but it fit the version of the character J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson conceived. If Skywalker knowingly removed himself from the fight, he wouldn't spring back into action so quickly. Part of what made his Last Jedi arc so rewarding was the transition he made. There was real conflict, and it was great to see him return at the end to aid the Resistance.

All things considered, it's definitely for the best Rey's silent plea and Luke's toss were spread over two movies. If The Force Awakens had actually ended like this, it would have completely derailed an epic image and significantly altered the mood as audiences left - perhaps leaving a sour taste in their mouths. At least in The Last Jedi, there was a whole film to follow after Luke threw the saber away, one that cemented his status as a legend in 2.5 hours instead of 2 years. It was agonizing enough for Episode VII to finish the way it did, but this would have been very frustrating.

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Source: Jacob Martin

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