Star Wars: New Look At The Force Awakens' First Order Walkers

AT-ATs in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Get a better look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens' updated AT-AT walkers. Star Wars isn't short of iconic vehicles. Across eight movies and plentiful spinoff material, there are countless spaceships, speeders and walkers populating the galaxy far, far away. The sequel movies have presented updated versions of many of these. The new X-Wings and TIE Fighters have been heavily focused on, but there's also the matter of the AT-ATs.

The armored cavalry verticals known as walkers have become a staple in the Star Wars fandom and so it was no surprise that the seventh installment of the saga Star Wars: The Force Awakens featured it's own updated depiction of the popular war machine. They appeared on the First Order's Starkiller Base, but only fleetingly. Now, however, we can get a better look at them.

A new image from reference "Star Wars – On The Front Lines" (found on German Amazon) highlights the walker, known as the AT-PD, giving a fresh look its hunched over design and heavy weaponry. You can check it out at the link below.

See The First Order Base Defense Walkers.

The base defense walkers featured several times in the film, most noticeably during Hux's speech before destroying the Hosnian system. The walkers were also scattered throughout the base to protect it's its installations, shown as Finn, Han and Chewie arrive to spring Rey. They're squatter than the original design, although how exactly they operate wasn't made clear in their brief appearances.

These aren't the only variations on the AT-AT we'll see in the sequel trilogy. It was long-rumored that the First Order would use a bulked-up variant known as "Gorilla Walkers", which were confirmed by the recent leak of The Last Jedi's LEGO sets. These were actually seen off in the distance as part of the film's teaser trailer and will be part of the action sequence on the new planet Crait. Officially designated as First Order Heavy Assault Walkers, these have more in common with the original version seen in The Empire Strikes Back than those from Episode VIIRogue One also introduced a new version, the AT-ACT, which was ostensibly a more cargo-based variant.

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