15It claims the Republic committed atrocities

First Order Battle

As the First Order raised and trained new members, they indoctrinated them with the glory of the Empire and the First Order and the depravity of the Republic. General Armitage Hux would speak about the various atrocities that the New Republic had supposedly committed.

According to Hux, the New Republic had

allowed famines on planets under their control, brutally suppressed the people of Balamak, and left alien advances through the Outer Rim unchecked. Any unrest in the First Order was blamed on New Republic agents.

This propaganda all0wed the First Order to paint themselves as the liberators, the good guys who were trying to free the galaxy from the oppressive, chaotic rule of the New Republic. The New Republic was painted as a terrorist organization that rebelled against the benevolent Empire and gained power.

First Order Snoke
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