Star Wars Will Reveal Finn's Time on Starkiller Base

Star Wars Finn Close Up

The story of Finn, hero of the Resistance will be ending along with everyone else's once Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives. But before it does, fans will finally get to learn the secrets of Finn's time as a First Order soldier--serving on the infamous Starkiller Base.

The pre-Force Awakens chapter of Finn's military career will be explored in the newly announced comic book Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Finn #1. As part of Marvel's ongoing initiative to put secondary Star Wars characters into the spotlight, Finn #1 will return to his less than glorious days working as a Starkiller Base janitor. An assignment that will serve him well in The Force Awakens, but apparently offered an adventure or two along the way.

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The revelation that Finn served on Starkiller was first revealed in his debut film, used as an excuse to get himself back on site in search of Rey. It's an odd twist of fate that fans will now see that subplot expanded upon--so they know just how much of a deception it really was. But if the previous Star Wars comic stories are any indication, this seemingly random day in Finn's life will shed new light on his destiny. Arriving in July, the comic will be entrusted to Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas on interior art, with a stunning cover from artist Phil Noto.

Assuming that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be as final as it appears, fans may need to revisit the very start of this new trilogy before enjoying the sight of Finn, Poe, and Rey finally uniting... knowing it will be their final mission. There are reasons to be excited, to be sure. Not least of which is actor John Boyega teasing that Finn will use a lightsaber once again. So if Finn is truly remembered as one of the Rwsistance's greatest heroes, whether he survives to victory or not, how his path led him towards the light will be among the first questions asked.

The characters in the Star Wars universe may never get that question answered. But thanks to Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Finn #1, fans will know that it began long before he witnessed the slaughter of a Jakku village. The story of how a lowly First Order janitor helped destroy the battle station he once mopped? That may not include Jedi Knights or princesses, but it's a tale we can't wait to see unfold.

Finn Star Wars Comic Cover
  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Ramon Rosanas
  • Cover: Phil Noto
  • Release Date: July 3rd, 2019
  • A LITTLE REBELLION! Before he was a rebel hero, FINN had another calling. He was... a janitor. But how could this lead FN-2187 to question everything? How much action can someone see mopping floors and dealing with a pest problem? It turns out, a whole lot.

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