Star Wars Fan Theory: Was C-3PO An Imperial Spy?

A new fan theory suggests C-3PO may have been a spy for Darth Vader all along. There are many theories out there regarding many aspects of the Star Wars franchise, from Rey being Luke Skywalker's clone daughter, to Han Solo secretly being a Jedi Master. Some are pie in the sky ideas and clearly never likely to be true, but others are very plausible indeed, and have led to much discussion and dissection.

While we can only take as canon that which appears on screen or in novels, there is a new fan theory out there that might be worth thinking about: is C-3PO actually an Imperial Spy?

The question was put to Generation Tech, who decided to take a closer look and build a case for the Droid actually working for Darth Vader all along. The video above discusses the theory in full, and it certainly raises some interesting points, which make you think about the role C-3PO does have in the franchise.

As a character, C-3PO is a little insufferable at times, let's face it. He does serve the Rebellion well, but at times his motives and behavior are questionable, which has lead to this theory being investigated. Is it possible that Darth Vader somehow has access to C-3PO’s visual and audio data? That would essentially mean that C-3PO is constantly feeding a stream of information back to Darth Vader, helping him to evade capture and know the Empire's next move.

Perhaps the strongest argument in support of the theory comes from comic Thank the Maker, in which C-3PO is brought before Darth Vader in pieces. He orders it to be destroyed, but doesn’t have the droid scanned for information. Is this because he already knows it? Chewbacca saves C-3PO from being crushed, only for the droid to be taken away from him and given back to Vader, who suddenly demands that the robot is given back to Chewbacca for repair. Why would someone so evil do something that appears to be a kind gesture? Is it the memories of his childhood friend, that make him realize he needs to make sure C-3PO is cared for or is it because he knows that giving the droid back to Chewbacca will ensure he can continue to spy on the Rebels?

The video delves into the theory in far greater depth, and it's certainly an interesting watch. Of course, it's highly farfetched (and less overall cohesive than the suggestion R2-D2 is a high-ranking Rebel spy).

Going forward, into The Last Jedi and then into Episode IX, it might be worth watching C-3PO's role within the Rebel Alliance a little more closely. Whether you come to the conclusion that he is an Imperial spy or not, is entirely up to you.

Source: Generation Tech

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