• Star Wars: 10 Possible Takeaways From The Rumored Episode IX Leaked Art

    Relatively speaking, rumors and leaks have been few and far between so far for Star Wars Episode IX. Things are definitely much more secretive regarding this film than they were with the first two films in this trilogy. But as reported by Comic Book Resources, what may be the first substantive leak has finally been released via the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.

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    The rumored leak consists of an image containing what may allegedly be first looks at costumes for returning characters and new characters, as well as designs for new creatures and droids alike. Of course, there's no way we'll ever know whether any of these Reddit rumors are true until the movie's release. But that's not going to keep us from theorizing as to what some of these possible designs could mean for the film as a whole.

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    Poe has a more active role

    In The Last Jedi, Poe Dameron was given a larger role than the one he'd had in The Force Awakens; but when all was said and done, it was hard to find anything meaningful or enjoyable about his role as the self-interested troublemaker in the second film of the sequel trilogy. Poe's actions led the Resistance into more trouble than they would have been otherwise, and he seldom set foot in any real conflict.

    However, if these new costumes are to be believed, viewers will get to witness "Adventure Poe," now dressed in traditional rebel casual attire, as well as a scarf, a holster belt, and what appears to be a bandoleer.

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    Richard E. Grant's role may not be significant...
    Logan (2017) - Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice

    It was exciting when Richard E. Grant's casting was revealed in the formal production announcement for Episode IX. And it only became more exciting as awards season ramped up and Grant received nomination after nomination, including an elusive Academy Award nomination for his work in Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    It would be a real shame, then, if Episode IX were to squander Grant's considerable talents. Unfortunately, if the rumored designs are to be believed, this may very well be the case. Grant's character appears to be a rather nondescript First Order officer - just another one of the many that have come and gone before.

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    ...But Dominic Monaghan's role may be
    Dominic Monaghan Wild Things

    While it's entirely likely that Grant's role may wind up being not nearly as meaty as it deserves to be, something about the design for Lost veteran Dominic Monaghan's character seems to hint at a more important role. As an admittedly generic looking "Resistance Officer," Monaghan's character looks like one who could either be in the thick of the action, or behind the scenes.

    Yet while Grant would be just another older British face in a sea of First Order officers, Monaghan represents a new face in the rebuilding Resistance, a distinct and familiar face to fans of the science fiction genre and JJ Abrams' work.

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    BB-8 has a new little buddy
    BB8 Finn Thumbs Up The Force Awakens Star Wars

    Even if Episode IX winds up having a much more serious tone as it builds toward the complete and final climax of the Skywalker Saga, there's no denying that there will be a fair amount of levity and humor along the way, especially with Abrams at the helm. One such source of humor that will likely be mined frequently includes a new, bizarrely adorable little droid.

    Looking like a cone with antennas that was strapped to a unicycle, the droid is described as "new droid that will annoy BB-8" in the rumored designs. Whatever the case winds up being here, we can't wait to see these two interact.

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    Admiral Ackbar's legacy lives on
    Admiral Ackbar at window

    One of the most startling losses in The Last Jedi - at least for truly devoted fans of the franchise - came in the form of the blink and you'd miss it demise of the legendary Rebel Alliance and Resistance hero, Admiral Ackbar. The Mon Calamari leader was beloved for his over the top diction and passionate commitment to the cause - and, let's be honest, for his total existence as meme gold.

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    But if the supposed designs for Episode IX are real, it looks like Ackbar's legacy won't be forgotten any time soon. A new member of the Resistance seems to hail from Ackbar's Mon Cala race, ensuring that his presence will always be felt.

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    The Resistance is looking a little rough for wear

    When we last left the Resistance at the end of The Last Jedi, they were barely managing to hold it all together. With their numbers as low as they may very well ever have been, and no one returning their calls for help, things looked dire for our beloved heroes. But they still had hope, as Leia assured a distressed Rey that they had all that they needed right there.

    Looking at the leaked potential designs for Episode IX, however, shows that things are still pretty rough for these Resistance fighters. Most Resistance designs appear as though they're fighting in the trenches, and possibly in desert type planets, based on the sandy and dusty hues of their attire and the trench warfare-like helmets.

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    Another lavish world may be explored

    For better or worse, whatever your take on that storyline may have been, much of The Last Jedi followed Finn and Rose as they journeyed to Canto Bight, a casino planet filled with the wealthiest and most treacherous individuals in the galaxy. Regardless of whether the story served any true overarching purpose in the film, Canto Bight did introduce some visually stunning creatures and costumes.

    The early rumored Episode IX designs seem to hint at some similar lavish adventure taking place. Multiple figures are seen cloaked in various bright colors, silky blues and golds and reds with ornate jewelry. We don't know much else about what these costumes mean, or who'd be wearing them. But it's clear that there's some wealth at play here again.

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    Lando's still the same old Lando

    Early rumors about the overall story of Episode IX have so far suggested that Billy Dee Williams' lovable scoundrel Lando Calrissian may have a much smaller role than what fans may have been hoping for. Realistically, this makes sense, given Williams is 81 years old and may not be up to handling a lengthy adventure, even if he is in pretty great shape.

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    So, how does the film effectively and efficiently communicate Lando's character and personality? By having him appear in an outfit entirely reminiscent of one worn by a young Lando as played by Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story. With a signature black cloak and a bright yellow shirt to match, Lando is just as dashing and dramatic as ever. We'd accept nothing less.

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    Rey's attempting to embody the Light
    Rey Star Wars BB8

    In the final entry of the prequel trilogy and original trilogy, our protagonists - Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, respectively - dress themselves entirely in black as they confront the Dark Side. If these rumored images are to be believed, however, it seems like Rey will be going an entirely different way - at least to start the film.

    The new look for Rey's character finds her wearing clothes similar to the outfit she wore in her days in the Jakku desert, while also more closely resembling traditional Jedi robes. Most notable of all is the pristine white color of these garments, suggesting perhaps a performative nature of her wardrobe. By embodying the Light, she'll never have to confront the murky grey in between.

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    Kylo Ren's struggles are far from over

    When The Last Jedi ended, Kylo Ren found himself in a position that isn't exactly an enviable one. Having just dispatched permanently of Supreme Leader Snoke, he now took on the role of Supreme Leader himself, but also learned that he may have been more alone in the universe than he had originally believed. With his bond with Rey currently fractured, and all of his mentors now out of the picture, it makes sense that Kylo would currently feel even more lost than we've seen him so far.

    Which makes the rumored designs for his character - including a return of the hood, and a mask barely held together with a bright red substance - make perfect sense. If Rey is performing the call to the Light through her attire, then Kylo is going all in on looking the part of the Dark side - even if the conflict that lives inside of him rages on still.

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