Star Wars Episode III to be PG-13?

March 10, 2005: Update on the PG-13 story here.

According to Dark Horizons George Lucas has stated that the upcoming Star Wars flick Revenge of the Sith may end up with a PG-13 rating:

"All the good guys die, and you know, it's pretty dark. It's pretty intense. I'm not sure this one is going to end up a PG like the others were".

I have to say that considering where the story has to go in this bridge between II & IV, that would be a good call. I mean this has got to be the darkest of all six movies.

Of course there's the question of whether that will affect merchandising...


BTW, Lucas also confirmed that the Episode III will be the last Star Wars movie... that he never planned to make nine films and that after this, combined with the original three, the story is told.

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