Star Wars Episode VIII's Title Was Decided Early in Script Process

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There has been numerous plot points, character details, and more that have left Star Wars fans waiting for answers ever since Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens came to an end. Since that point, much of the attention has been focused on Rey's heritage and Snoke's identity. However, there has been one small, yet large and important, detail for Star Wars: Episode VIII that continues to elude fans around the world: The official title.

For most film franchises, the title is something that indicates the plot but is not terribly surprising. Star Wars fans however continue to wait for the eventual reveal of the film's title and the subsequent meaning that could be attached. Still, Lucasfilm and Disney have kept the title a secret, but director Rian Johnson says they have known the title since his first draft.

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This is hardly the type of answer fans are hoping for since a specific date or even simply a rough timeframe would allow fans to relax knowing that the announcement was on the horizon. While the title currently is a main priority for many, it may not be for the studios. After all, they revealed The Force Awakens' subtitle in a press release on a random weekday morning. Sure, the title will be a big talking point when it comes out and will be the center of fans losing sleep over what it could ultimately mean. However, the title will likely be vague enough to not give anything away, but at the same time hint at what's to come.

Given Lucasfilm's unwillingness to promote two Star Wars films at the same time, fans may have to wait until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finishes its theatrical run and is out on Blu-Ray and DVD before hearing anything about Episode VIII. This could line up very well for Lucasfilm to reveal the title and possibly a teaser trailer come Star Wars Celebration in April. No one wants to wait that long to learn anything about the film, but ultimately the mystery will only continue to generate buzz as a result. Star Wars will benefit regardless of when it is released, so it's best to just sit back and wait it out as Johnson says it will come in good time.

Source: USA Today

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