'Star Wars: Episode 7' Rumor: The Next Generation of Heroes

John Boyega in Attack the Block

If J.J. Abrams knows what's good for him, he's keeping his fingers on the pulse of the Star Wars: Episode VII rumor mill; innumerable fragments of gossip, malarkey, and flimflam regarding the hermetically sealed project's secrets have provided enough screenplay material to fuel the next couple of films in the series single-handedly. Most of these whispers and murmurs get debunked, mind, and often within the same time frame they're introduced, but a little misinformation can go a long way toward igniting plot speculation for a movie that still lacks a subtitle.

But so can a slice of reality. Harrison Ford's unfortunate and awful leg injury spawned as much discussion about Star Wars: Episode VII's chances of making its production date (a fair concern) as it did about potential script rewrites to accommodate his recovery time. That particular concern proved just as unfounded as dispatches about the film's villains, of course, and shooting is still on schedule, all of which goes to show how slippery the web can be when it comes to the Star Wars brand.

So with all of that in mind, take the latest batch of story possibilities for Star Wars: Episode VII with a healthy dose of skepticism. The folks at Latino Review recently came upon a tantalizing bit of chatter on the film's primary character arcs, which sounds so dramatically compelling that it's easy to hope for its credibility; that said, it's an unfounded narrative that takes us knee deep in the realm of conjecture, which means that one should not take it as gospel. (Even if it does sound cool and make decent sense.)

For the inquiring mind, a summary of the film's set up proceeds below; for those who wish to keep themselves pure, look away, for here there be potential spoilers. Note, of course, that since the subject at hand could end up just being a whole lot of wishful thinking on the behalf of a very enthusiastic fan, none of this might end up matter one iota in the grand scheme of things (unless, that is, Abrams does keep up on his Star Wars news and jots this stuff down for Rian Johnson's future reference).


Assuming the hearsay being passed around today is actually genuine, John Boyega's journey in Star Wars: Episode VII actually begins on the dark side; he'll begin the movie as a villain, and gravitate toward its heroes over the span of the film. Part of his defection, it seems, stems from his interactions with Daisey Ridley, who rescues him when his fighter ship is shot down over Tatooine, and subsequently protects him against the world's harsh environment.

The coolest part of this is, unsurprisingly, that Boyega gets to wield a lightsaber: turns out that he and Ridley are both Jedi, though their powers appear to remain latent until they encounter "a certain old Jedi" in the picture's second act. That almost assuredly means Luke, which ties back ever so slightly into the aforementioned debunked rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII's heavies, which doesn't bode especially well for this theoretical plot detail bearing fruit.

But man alive, that's a great basic conceit for the film, one that places a lot of emphasis on the younger leads instead of the returning veterans. Not only that, but the transformation here sounds like a grand scale riff on the one Boyega sold so well in Attack the Block, giving him the chance to do expand on and tinker with his work in his debut role for a far wider audience. (Plus, let's be honest: the idea of him swinging a lightsaber doesn't suck, either.) Odds favor this being false, but if it is just fan fiction, it's a pretty smart way to integrate the newcomers within the original cast's joint iconography.


Star Wars: Episode VII is on track for a December 18th, 2015 release.

Source: Latino Review

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