'Star Wars: Episode 7': Harrison Ford Broke His Leg On Set

Harrison Ford broke his leg on the Star Wars: Episode 7 set

Unfortunately, the story about Harrison Ford's Star Wars: Episode VII-related injury is one that has gotten worse as more details have been revealed. First, it was reported that he'd suffered an ankle injury while filming, then came the news that Ford has broken his left ankle - and today, we have confirmation that the beloved actor (who turns 72 in under a month) actually broken his left leg, during the accident on the Episode VII set. On the plus side, though, we now have word that he's already on his way to making a proper recovery.

As much as we want to report that Ford sustained his injury while performing some elaborate, death-defying stunt as the cameras were rolling on Episode VII, the simple, if mundane truth is that a hydraulic door - part of the practical Millennium Falcon set constructed for the film - malfunctioned and fell down, hitting Ford and causing him to break his leg. Indeed, it's possible that the initial report came in even before the severity of the actor's injury had been determined.

In a statement issued to the BBC by Ford's publicist, Ina Treciokas, it was revealed that Han Solo/Indiana Jones actor has already undergone surgery for the breakage - which was successful - and that his rehab will begin shortly; on the whole, he's said to be "doing well and [looking] forward to returning to work."

As was previously reported, however, it could be around two months before Ford gets back to work on Episode VII (maybe longer, based on what we know now) - though, seeing how principal photography on the Star Wars movie was expected to take longer than six months to complete from the get-go, that should mean that director J.J. Abrams and his cast/crew have a lot of other things to shoot, during Ford's absence.

Star Wars: Episode 7 online casting audition

It's rumored that Ford has a "gigantic role" to play, as the older Han Solo in Episode VII; truth is, though, that could mean anything from him playing a key role - we've speculated he'll share multiple scenes with the young Daisy Ridley, thought to be playing Han and Leia's daughter -  to simply having a more important role to play than just a glorified cameo, as a shout-out to the longtime Star Wars fans.

However much screen time he has, though, we've yet to hear anything that indicates that his injury could lead to the film having its release date delayed, as a result. Indeed, seeing as the movie has many new characters to introduce, it's likely that Han is but one piece of the larger puzzle that is the Episode VII narrative.

Earlier today, we reported fresh rumors that suggest the film will, in no small part, deal with the fight to defeat the remnants of the Galactic Empire, which may still be ongoing even thirty years after Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. If that's true, then it might be that characters like Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and his fellow Jedi (?), have the most important roles to play in this chapter of the Star Wars saga.


Star Wars: Episode VII remains scheduled to hit theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: BBC

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