'Star Wars: Episode 7': More Set Photos; Ice Planet Confirmed?

J.J. Abrams reveals Star Wars: Episode 7 X-Wing design

It's been nothing but bread crumbs on the Star Wars: Episode VII news front of late, with minor casting announcements and leaked set photos that have pulled back the curtain on but a few things that hadn't already been let out of the bag. Frankly, though, we're fine not knowing more than we do about J.J. Abrams' film at this point, and the latest bit of Episode VII goodness - more set photos and details on one of the movie's settings - don't give away too much, either.

Fans have been happy to see that Abrams and his massive production team have constructed full-blown replicas for Episode VII, in order to bring spacecraft such as the Millennium Falcon and the redesigned X-Wing fighter - which is based on Ralph McQuarrie's unused conceptual design for Episode IV back in the 1970s - to life in the newest Star Wars film (when the spaceships aren't whizzing about in space, anyway).

The website 20 Minutos (hat tip to CBM) has posted additional leaked set images, showing multiple space-flying vehicles stationary on the ground - along with the in-construction Falcon set - on one of the lots where Episode VII is filming in England.




By and large, these images continue to offer new, spoiler-free details for fans to enjoy (over)analyzing and pouring over as they please. The closest to a real "spoiler" that we've gotten from these leaked set photos so far is this pic of an X-Wing fighter pilot, who may or may not be cast member Adam Driver (This Is Where I Leave You) - indicating he might not be playing a villain in the film, as has long been the rumor. Of course, as with all things Episode VII related for now, it's difficult to tell what could be fact from what might be pure misinformation instead.

Star Wars: Episode VII to feature ice planet?

Here, however, is an Episode VII-related fact: former James Bond actor Roger Moore is among those who've made a trip to the Episode VII set (despite not having a role in the movie), and he offered the following details about his visit to the BBC (via CB):

"Anyway, the day before last, I know we stopped by the office, and I went up to see - on a very closed, secret set - my friend J.J. Abrams, who is directing 'Star Wars'. They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow."

Now, of course, the planet Hoth (featured in Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back) is the world that many people think of first, when there's mention of a snowy setting in the Star Wars universe. However, one assumes (hopes?) that we would get to see another planet where there's snow in Episode VII.

Indeed, it was previously reported that one of the settings in Abrams' film is an "ice and forest" world - one where the movie's villains are constructing a new superweapon - and rumored Episode VII concept art shows Han Solo (Harrison Ford) dressed for colder weather. That seems reasonable enough; the Rebel Alliance hid out on Hoth, and now the remnants of the Empire (or whatever threat replaced it) are likewise staying under the radar on a less than hospitable world.

Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: 20 Minutos [via CBM], BBC [via CB]

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