Director Colin Trevorrow Being Considered For Star Wars 7?

Director Colin Trevorrow Star Wars Rumor

Now that Star Wars: Episode 7 is no longer just a dream, the possibilities are wide open for the directors and writers who will be entrusted with carrying on the franchise. The job comes with more pressure than many would volunteer to endure, but many notable names are already being thrown around.

Apparently, we can add indie filmmaker Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) to the list of those rumored to be directing the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. The relatively unknown director may not have a proven track record, but he's closer to the film than most.

For now, file this squarely under the 'rumor' category. Matthew Vaughn's rumored connections to Episode 7 are still unsubstantiated, so Celebuzz's reports of an indie filmmaker being considered to helm one of the biggest sequels in film history need to be taken with a grain of salt. Trevorrow's independent feature Safety Not Guaranteed has been garnering plenty of fans, with George Lucas reportedly one of them.

Star Wars Episode 7 Director Rumor Colin Trevorrow

It was that film which led Lucas, the source claims, to speak with Trevorrow about Episode 7 "several months ago." The acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney makes any previous plans by Lucas subject to change, including Trevorrow's involvement. For now the director is one of a select few who knew about the film's existence before it was announced, lending this rumor at least some credibility.

The idea of more Star Wars films has its pros and cons, but whatever the risks involved, the director's chair will be sought after by plenty of highly-regarded filmmakers. Given the amount of positive responses to the Lucasfilm/Disney deal from industry notables, it seems unlikely that Disney will overlook proven talents for pure potential.

The direction that will be taken for Episodes 7-9 is still up for discussion, specifically whether the film's writer and director will stick to the established formula or chart a brand new course. The rumors so far support the creation of a completely new story, but that doesn't mean established characters won't make appearances (in fact, we can likely count on it). So who better than one of the most beloved secondary figures in the series?

Star Wars Episode 7 Boba Fett Actor Comments

Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who first brought Boba Fett to life in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, is adding his name to the list of cast members optimistic about the upcoming trilogy. Speaking with UnleashTheFanboy, Bulloch explained that the time has never been better to revisit the iconic bounty hunter:

"It would be lovely to see Boba Fett back! The technology now exists to make his jet pack even more realistic and exciting [...] Realistically, I’m sure if Boba Fett were to return they would go with someone younger, but I’m still fit and can jump around. I’d love to be involved in some way, maybe a cameo as an aging Bounty Hunter in the corner somewhere.

"People are going to be talking about it non-stop, especially once filming starts, and there will be rumors left, right, and center, ridiculous ones like ‘I heard Boba Fett jet packs around the world!’ So lets all just step back, wait, and see what happens."

Bulloch certainly isn't the only cast member of the original trilogy to put their support behind the announcement of Episodes 7-9, with Mark Hamill understanding the fan demand, and Harrison Ford willing to reprise his role. But until official details - or more believable rumors - are provided, fans will have to make do with lengthy discussions about Episode 7's potential.

Star Wars: Episode 7 will be released in theaters in 2015.


Source: MovieWeb, Unleash The Fanboy

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