'Star Wars: Episode 7': Benedict Cumberbatch Denies Casting Rumors... Again

'Star Trek' actor Benedict Cumberbatch has once again said that he won't be in 'Star Wars: Episode VII' and it's time to start believing him.

Star Trek Benedict Cumberbatch Khan header

One of the downsides of being a famous actor with legions of adoring fans is constantly being badgered regarding rumors of roles in every major upcoming franchise. As far as hardships go it's pretty mild, but it probably gets pretty grating for an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch, whose name seems to crop up constantly in casting talk.

Since production on Star Trek Into Darkness began before the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, and the subsequent announcement that J.J. Abrams would direct Star Wars: Episode VII, Cumberbatch couldn't have known what he was letting himself in for by playing a major role in an Abrams sci-fi blockbuster. Rumors and speculation about which actors will star in the new Star Wars trilogy have been flying thick and fast, and Cumberbatch has been among the names that have cropped up most persistently.

Last year, when Hollywood gossip pointed to Cumberbatch playing a villain role - potentially a Sith warrior - in Star Wars: Episode VII, the actor denied the rumors, stating that although he would "love to work with [Abrams] again," he had not been offered a role, adding, "That is that. And that is that." That, of course, wasn't that. Rumors of his involvement have continued to bubble up since then, but The Iris AU reports that Cumberbatch has now repeated his denial during a Q&A at Oz Comic-Con.