'Star Wars: Episode 1' 3D Trailer Debuting with 'The Three Musketeers'

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If there's one inside-joke that resonates among all film geeks, it's likely the never-ending parade of Star Wars saga tweaks and re-releases - implemented by creator/director George Lucas. As a result, it was hardly a surprise to hear that, shortly after the series released on blu-ray, the entire Star Wars saga would once again be returning to theaters - this time in 3D.

Considering the first 3D installment, Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace is scheduled premier on February 10, 2012, it was only a matter of time before LucasFilms teased fans with a sneak peek at the fan-favorite saga in the third dimension. Apparently, that time will be October 21st - ahead of 3D screenings of Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers.

According to a report from USA Today, which actually detailed an animated Clone Wars return for Phantom Menace Sith Lord, Darth Maul (more on that below), the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace 3D will premier alongside Disney's Musketeers reboot (which stars Logan Lerman, Matthew Macfadyen and Ray Stevenson). Unfortunately, at this point, the article doesn't stipulate the trailer's length or content - only confirming the October 21st debut.

In general, reaction to the Star Wars saga 3D re-release is already mixed - with the normal blend of fans who are peeved that Lucas is once again tampering with the series format as well as other Jedi-lovers who are merely excited to see their favorite sci-fi franchise back on the big screen again. Whether we're talking about questionable narrative changes (Greedo shot first) or continuity adjustments (replacing Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen at the end of Episode 6), fans of the Star Wars saga are no doubt some of the most impassioned moviegoers on the planet.

That said, despite frustrations with the constant re-envisioning of the series, even fans who feel Lucas has somewhat diminished the Star Wars legacy over time still turn-out for almost every format launch (DVD, Blu-ray, etc) as well as every theatrical re-release (Special Edition, 3D) - which makes it hard to criticize the director for consistently exploring new ways for moviegoers to experience the series. But what's next after 3D - aside from the now inevitable 3D blu-ray release? Personally, I'm voting for smell-o-vision - so that we can finally experience just how terrible a Tauntaun smells on the inside.

As for the aforementioned death-defying Darth Maul news, details are still slim as to how the vivisected Sith Lord will return in the Clone Wars animated show - though, Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni hints that, “He’s suffered through a lot to keep himself alive and implemented the training of his master [Darth Sidious] to do so.”

You can check out the Cartoon Network tease below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:



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Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace 3D is scheduled to hit theaters February 10, 2012.

The Three Musketeers (and Phantom Menace 3D trailer) opens on October 21, 2011.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs on Cartoon Network every Friday night at 8/7 central.

Sources: USA Today & EW

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