10 Hidden Details in Star Wars Movies

The galaxy far, far, away is getting a lot bigger in the coming years, which means plenty of writers, directors and actors each getting a chance to throw in nods to the original films. But even though the Star Wars saga has been pored over for decades, there are still a TON of details, secrets and easter eggs we're willing to bet fans have never caught.

Here are Screen Rant's 10 Hidden Details in Star Wars Movies.

Lucky Charms

Star Wars Easter Egg Falcon Cockpit Gold Dice

The tradition may have started during World War II, but these days, hanging a pair of fuzzy dice from a car's rearview mirror doesn't need to be explained. Apparently, even Han Solo and Chewbacca can use the added luck, including a pair of gold dice hanging in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. They're hard to spot, but the die-hard fans know where to look. In fact, The Force Awakens was already filming by the time a crew member realized the dice were missing, buying a gold plated pair on eBay. Talk about commitment to continuity.

A Rebel Painter

Star Wars Empire Ralph McQuarrie Cameo

George Lucas may have dreamed up one incredible space opera all by himself, but it was Ralph McQuarrie's concept paintings which made the director's vision a reality, and convinced Fox that it was worth investing in. McQuarrie's role wasn't lost on Lucas either: when it came time to film The Empire Strikes Back, he made sure to give the painter a cameo, strutting through Hoth's Echo Base - with his sketchpad in hand, obviously.

Late Ejection

Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Asteroid

The Star Wars series is filled with space battles and exploding space stations, but the movies usually show nothing but sparks and smoke to keep violence to a minimum. But one shot shows the model builders have a sense of humor. When the Millennium Falcon enters an asteroid field in Episode V, one pursuing TIE Fighter crashes directly into a space rock. But don't miss the pilot sent ragdoll-ing out of the wreckage, visible for a split second before being broken into pieces.

Boba Fett Unmasked

Star Wars Boba Fett Actor Cameos

When Luke's friends are used as bait to draw him to Cloud City, the young Jedi catches just a glimpse of them before the trap is sprung. But when the scene was filmed, the actor who was supposed to wrestle Leia out of the hallway was a no-show. Actor Jeremy Bulloch saved the day, taking off his Boba Fett armor, and throwing on an Imperial uniform. It's a rare look at the man who actually played the part under the Mandalorian's famous helmet, but Bulloch got another cameo in Revenge of the Sith, piloting the Rebel Blockade Runner that would kick off the original trilogy.

No Ordinary Freighter

Star Wars Prequels Millennium Falcon

George Lucas knew that the Millennium Falcon was as iconic as anything else in his original trilogy, so when it came time to flesh out the world of Naboo in Attack of the Clones, he didn't disappoint. Fans can spot not one, but three Corellian YT-1300 light freighters in Naboo's spaceport. It's apparently a more popular model than you might think, but in the following movie, fans can catch the real Falcon landing on Coruscant, years before Han Solo would ever get behind the wheel.

Skywalker Sound

Star Wars Easter Egg Skywalker Sound Logo

Just by making the original Star Wars series, George Lucas wound up inventing ILM and Skywalker Sound, industry-leading studios for special effects and music. ILM tends to get the most headlines, so the director decided to even the scales, including the logo for Skywalker Sound in Attack of The Clones. It's clearly visible during Anakin and Obi-wan's Coruscant chase, rotating as one of a dozen other neon signs in the entertainment district. Shameless promotion from the effects team for their audio colleagues, but we'll allow it.

Who Needs Blasters?

Star Wars Clone Trooper Boxing Battle Droid

The prequels tend to get a rough ride from fans, but what if we told you one of the saga's greatest moments was hidden in the background of Revenge of the Sith? Believe it. When Obi-wan is hunting down General Grievious, clone troopers are fighting battle droids all around him. For a split second, one clone trooper can be seen squaring off against a droid, dropping it with a stiff jab to the head, and a brutal body blow. Easy to miss or not, why this trooper isn't worshipped as one of the franchise's coolest heroes is beyond us - but now's a good time to start!

Squid Lake

Star Wars Revenge Sith Opera Vader Easter Egg

In the world of Star Wars, even an opera or ballet is unrecognizable, shown as a variety of liquid spheres in Revenge of the Sith. It's during a performance of "Squid Lake" (really) that Anakin first learns the power of the Dark Side from Chancellor Palpatine, taking his first step towards becoming Darth Vader. His temptation should have been obvious, too: when Darth Plagueis is first mentioned, the shot cuts to the large sphere of liquid in front of the men. Look closely at the water's reflections, and you'll notice a ghostly image of Darth Vader's famous helmet (look for the eyes first). We give the effects team bonus points for keeping it subtle, but a cool case of foreshadowing all the same.

Blue In The Face

Star Wars Revenge Sith George Lucas Cameo

Considering how many directors give themselves cameos in the background of their biggest blockbusters, you would think George Lucas would have joined in on the fun at some point. But the writer and director waited until Revenge of the Sith to make his triumphant debut, painted blue to play the blue-skinned Baron Papanoida, alongside his daughter, Katie. It's a tiny cameo, but both of the characters ended up getting a lot more screen time in the animated Clone Wars - unfortunately, Lucas didn't reprise his role.

One Tough Youngling

Anakin's turn to the Dark Side may have been a long time coming, but he didn't waste time becoming evil, slaying the Jedi younglings on his first mission as Darth Vader. But one young Jedi ends up standing out, taking on a handful of clone troopers in front of Bail Organa before falling to blaster fire. George Lucas wasn't happy just giving himself and his daughter a cameo - the young boy is his son, Jett. The character's name is Zett Jukassa, and he's no random hero, either: he actually first appeared in Episode 2 when Obi-wan was searching for the planet the killer clones were grown on.


Those are all the hidden details and easter eggs we think Star Wars fans will want to know, but which ones have we missed? Be sure to share them in the comments, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one!

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