EA Reveals Early Footage of New Star Wars Game in E3 2016 Teaser

EA Star Wars

In the wake of Disney's acquisition of Lucasarts, EA Games performed quite the coup when they managed to acquire exclusive rights to produce games based on the Star Wars franchise. So far, Star Wars: Battlefront is the only game to come from this deal, though EA subsidiary Bioware had already made a name for itself with its Knights of the Old Republic series and their subsequent, still-running MMO based on the universe, The Old Republic.

Jade Raymond (EA's Motive Studios and Visceral Games) recently reminded fans that EA had several new Star Wars games in the works, and that they were bolstering their staff to help make them a reality. Now EA has doubled down on that promise, with an E3 2016 teaser video (see above) that shows just a glimpse of what the company's many game studios are cooking up. While the trailer is light on announcements or new gameplay footage, it focuses on the creative-driven work environment that EA is attempting to foster, and the "experience centered" result they hope to achieve.

EA Star Wars general manager Justin McCuly kicks off the video with the company line: "What we're really trying to do at EA is cater to different areas of the Star Wars universe, and create different games that are tailor-made for those fans."

Star Wars EA 2016

Next up, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir (sr. producer Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE) offered some enticing new footage of the Cloud City expansion from Battlefront, including everyone's favorite caped administrator, Lando Calrissian. Ingvarsdottir emphasized their current focus on "bringing in more characters, more planets, more eras," which will certainly be welcome news to folks who found the 2015 game's base package to be a bit slim. Mark Thompson (game director at Motive Studios), who is assisting with the Battlefront franchise, adds that "there's no point in making something in the Star Wars IP if you're just going to do what's been done before, right?" Hopefully this means they have something groundbreaking in store for the DLC or the sequel.

On the other hand, there is a possibility Thompson is referring to the footage of a developer using the Playstation VR headset to pilot an X-Wing. At EA Play, it was confirmed that "DICE is also working with Criterion on an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront VR mission for PlayStation VR this year."

Not much solid news from Respawn Entertainment, but game director Stig Asmussen  promised his team is "going to deliver that Star Wars awe like fans have never seen before." No reason to doubt him, as he has the mo-capped lightsaber fighters to back that statement up. Meanwhile, John Salera (Capital Games) chatted a bit about the toybox-style philosophy of the already-released mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and promises more is to come. "Our aim is to bring in from all the films, all the TV shows, and even beyond."

Star Wars Battlefront - Outer Rim content

James Ohlen (Bioware) talked about the choices that drive role playing games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the most exciting snippet is his hint that "beyond The Old Republic, there are so many stories that we still want to tell." Could he be hinting at a single player Knights sequel, or something completely new?

Amy Hennig (Visceral Games) and Doug Chang (Lucasfilm), discussed the importance of story in the mystery game they are prepping, but the most exciting reveals here are the concept art and gorgeous in-game-footage of a Mos Eisley-like location and a quiet hero entering the street. Hennig was head writer on the Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, and the sensibilities of that series already feel transported to that of a space western.

Although there were no tangible announcements made, there is lots to chew on as fans prepare to dive into E3 2016. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on EA's Star Wars games as they hit.

Source: EA via YouTube

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