Star Wars: The 10 Most Powerful Female Jedi

There are hundreds upon hundreds of characters within the universe of Star Wars. We have characters from the movies, the games, the books (many of which have had their canon status removed, sadly), and the comics. It can be a little overwhelming to keep them all straight sometimes! Except for our favorites, of course.

We’re going to narrow that major list down a bit, and just focus on the female Jedi for a minute. Even then that is still a rather large list, thanks again to all of the mediums that Star Wars has made appearances in. Then there are the different timelines to consider, and remember, Star Wars covers an alarmingly large amount of time.

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What if we just focused on ten of the most powerful female Jedi? They certainly have some of the most interesting stories to tell. They’re also more likely to be on our list of favorites, so it’s a win/win.

The female Jedi of Star Wars are sometimes overlooked, but that doesn’t make them any less than their male (or non-binary) counterparts.

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While Yaddle is probably the most famous for her species – being the same as Yoda – there is a lot more to know about her. She was a member of the Jedi High Council got a time, but became less active by the time the Clone Wars came around.Yaddle

was present on the council during the Invasion of Naboo, as well as the tumultuous time when young Anakin Skywalker was presented to the council. Yaddle isn’t known for any showy displays of the force; instead she seemed to prefer listening to what the force had to say.

Yaddle was better known for her healing abilities. The most intriguing power of hers was known as morichro; the ability to show a person’s heart rate and breathing to a point of near death. All of her healing abilities allowed her to join the Medical Council, where she eventually became president for a time.

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