Out Of A Limb: Every Dismemberment In Star Wars, Ranked

Star Wars seems to have a thing for cutting off body parts... so we've decided which were the best scenes!

With the exception of The Force Awakens, at least one character loses a body part in every single Star Wars movie. In that movie, C-3PO shows up with a different colored arm, so he must have had chopped off somewhere! If maiming and disfigurement were a sport, Obi-Wan Kenobi would be at the top of the list in the Star Wars Universe. He seems to enjoy not just defeating his enemies but slicing off at least one part of their anatomy, and he wonders why his enemies hate him so much.

But besides Master of Maiming, Ben Kenobi, let’s go out on a limb to rank Every Dismemberment In Star Wars.

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15 Obi-Wan Stops A Bounty Hunter - Episode II

We’ll start with the second time Kenobi removed a body part in the saga. The beginning of Attack Of The Clones saw a pretty cool chase through the streets and skies of Coruscant in an attempt to find Queen Amidala’s would-be assassin. They finally catch up to a shapeshifter, Zam Wesell. He and Anakin caught up with her in the Outlander Club, and Obi-Wan did what he does best, he lopped off her arm to stop her.

14 Taming A Beast - Episode II

To be fair to Obi-Wan, the Jedi was always just protecting himself. Even though alien animal rights activists might have gotten annoyed that he took down an Acklay in the Petranaki Arena on Geonosis. It was either slice off a few of the animal’s legs or be eaten.

13 C3PO Destroyed - Episode V

Leave it to a droid to miss his fellow droid companion so much that he’d abandon his group and get blown to smithereens about it. While enjoying the company of Lando Calrissian in Bespin, C3PO thought he heard his friend R2.

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The curious protocol droid rounded be corner and got turned into space-Humpty Dumpty by a stormtrooper.

12 Mace Is Caught - Episode III

For some reason, the Jedi Council ignores their own ruling and feelings just because Qui-Avon’s dying wish was to see that Anakin became a Jedi. Even through his teen and early adult years, Mace Windu didn’t trust him. Boy, was he right! Mace even told Anakin to stay put while he arrested Palpatine. Anakin followed Windu and right when it seemed Mace was going to end Palpatine for good, Anakin chopped off Mace’s arm with his Lightsaber before Palpatine hurled him to the streets below.

11 Grievous Is Disarmed - Episode III

Usually, when Obi-Wan slices and arm or two off, it signals the end of the battle. But when he faced down the four-armed Jedi hunter, General Grievous, two arms were merely a flesh wound. During the final push against Grievous and the Separatist Army, Kenobi found himself up against Grievous. He evened up the odds pretty quickly by slicing off two of Grievous’ hands.

10 The Road To Vader Begins - Episode II

As Anakin got older, he also became a little arrogant about just how good he really was. When he and Kenobi came up against Dooku, he immediately thought they would just overpower and overcome the old Sith Lord. Darth Tyrannus quickly taught the young Padawan a lesson he could never forget. Dooku sliced off Anakin’s right arm.

9 Off With His Head - Episode II

Jango Fett taking on Obi-Wan in Episode II was one of the film’s highlights. It also helped establish Jango as a credible threat, and one of the few opponents that Kenobi didn’t maim or dismember.

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But that didn’t stop Fett’s head being removed from his body. Towards the end of the film, he came up against Mace and lost his head.

8 Luke Fights The Wampa - Episode V

Luke was still new to the world of the Jedi when he was living on Hoth with the rest of the rebels. That made him pretty quick picking for a Wampa to slam him, scar him, and leave him hanging until he got hungry. But thankfully, Luke thought of a good idea, to use the Force to free his lightsaber from the ice, will it to him and free himself and then took off the Wampa’s arm to escape.

7 Anakin’s Revenge - Episode III

It’s a big three for one special that taught Dooku when you stop Anakin, you better make sure you finish the job. In their first meeting, Dooku sliced off Anakin’s right arm. The young Jedi had to wait nearly three years for his chance at a rematch and redemption. While he was egged on by Palpatine, Anakin still not only defeated Dooku, but he diced off both hands and then his head in the process.

6 Obi-Wan Returns - Episode IV

There was a time in the Star Wars universe that fans didn’t exactly know what a Jedi and his lightsaber were capable of. But we’d all quickly learn. As Obi-Wan and Luke headed into the Mos Eisley Cantina, Obi-Wan tried to peacefully curtail Dr. Evazan and Pondo Baba’s efforts to squash Luke. But instead, he was forced to dice off Baba’s arm.

5 Maul Gets Mauled - Episode I

Obi-Wan’s bloodlust for taking out enemies via maiming them began right at the end of Episode I. He was forced to watch Darth Maul take his Master Qui-Gon out.

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So like any good Padawan, he nearly let his anger get the better of him and got knocked down an energy shaft. But he regained his wits, leapt out of the shaft and sliced the Sith Lord right in half.

4 Vader Is Born - Episode III

Kenobi strikes again in what would be his most vicious and heartbreaking of victories. After dueling with his former Padawan on Mustafar, he warned Anakin that he had the higher ground. When Anakin didn’t listen, he lost both legs, his left arm, and nearly any humanity he had left in him.

3 Snoke’s End - Episode VIII

The Last Jedi divided the fan community, but one thing that didn’t divide the fans was when Snoke was... divided. It was a cool moment to see Kylo take control of his destiny, even if that would be leading the First Order. He used the Force to open up Rey’s lightsaber cutting his former master in half and letting the last die.

2 Luke Lops Daddy’s Hand Off - Episode VI

In attempting to turn Luke to the Dark Side, Vader made the big error and mentioned trying to turn Leia. This sent Luke into a fury, where he used all of his anger and swung violently at his father. Until he was able to get him into a compromising position and smashed at daddy’s right arm, taking it off.

1 Luke Learns The Truth - Episode V

It’s the biggest moment in the entire Star Wars saga. The moment that Darth Vader ceased being the cold and callous bad guy into a father who could possibly be searching for redemption. But before the grand reveal, Darth Vader chopped off his own son’s right hand, sending it into the Bespin atmosphere.

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