Star Wars: The Decraniated Slaves Are Disney's Creepiest Addition

Decraniated star wars

Here's how the Decraniated as the creepiest new addition to the Star Wars canon. George Lucas once vowed there would no more Star Wars movies after work was completed on his prequel trilogy, which chronicled the rise of Darth Vader. This all changed when he sold LucasFilm to The Walt Disney Company for a handsome sum in 2012 and handed over the reins to the series. J.J. Abrams was then chosen to direct the first new movie, which would be titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens was a huge success and led to a slate of new projects, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The franchise's momentum slowed down following the reception to Solo: A Star Wars Story, which featured the origin story of the iconic Han Solo. The film had already suffered a messy production, with original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired after four months of filming, and most of the footage being entirely reshot by new director Ron Howard. The film would end up grossing less than $400 million theatrically, making it the lowest-grossing of the franchise to date.

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While the Star Wars franchise is largely suitable for family viewing they can be pretty dark at times, such as Anakin's gory defeat in the finale of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith. One of the darkest additions to the new canon came in the form of The Decraniated, who are people who have been surgically altered to remove their identities and become as loyal as droids. The tops of their skulls are missing and have been replaced by a neuro-box interface.

Cornelius Evazan rogue one cameo

These unwilling slaves were created by Doctor Cornelius Evazan, who would take wounded victims of the insurgency on Jedha - as seen in Rogue One - and transform them into the Decraniated. Evazan did this while under the employment of Crimson Dawn boss Dryden Vos, who was the main antagonist of Solo, played by Avengers: Infinity War star Paul Bettany. The Decraniated were sold as slaves and also served abroad Vos' personal yacht.

The Decraniated are pure nightmare fuel, though they've only had brief appearances in both Rogue One and Solo. The concept alone is horrific and the design itself is incredibly unnerving. Rogue One marked something of a darker shift in tone for the Star Wars series in general, so it makes sense they would make their debut in that entry.

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