Star Wars Officially Made Dash Rendar Canon In 2018

Star Wars Han Solo Dash Rendar

Star Wars made Dash Rendar canon again through Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Star Wars universe started on the big screen back in 1977, but it grew exponentially after the Original Trilogy ended with the Expanded Universe, which introduced a number of characters who'd become fan-favorites.

Among these was Dash Rendar, star of the Shadows of the Empire multimedia event in 1996. A series of books, comics, games and toys that helped tell the story between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, it centered on the Rebels' run-ins with both the Empire and criminal Prince Xizor, with the rogue-ish Han Solo stand-in taking center stage. Dash was divisive but a favorite of many, and his Millennium Falcon-esque ship - the Outrider - even appeared in the 1997 Special Edition re-release of A New Hope.

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However, when Disney wiped out the Star Wars EU, turning it into Legends, Dash was among those to be lost from canon. Although the Outrider - or at least its design - remained part of the universe thanks to the movie addition, it looked for a while that Rendar would remain non-canon for a long time. However, Disney snuck him back in subtly in 2018.

Star Wars Solo Dash Rendar Book

Dash is casually mentioned in Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales From Vandor, a replica journal book companion to the film. He is referred to as a “loudmouth flyboy” who claims that Chewbacca was the one who deserved all the credit as he was told by Wookiee scouts on Kashyyyk about secret routes all over the galaxy, which Chewie later shared with Tobias Beckett’s gang.

The book also includes a quote from Dash, confirming that Chewie got the route from the Wookiees and that Han Solo avoids the topic whenever he’s asked about it. The full quote reads: "Han got that route from Chewie. And Chewie got it from the Wookiee scouts who helped the Republic back in the Clone Wars. Next time Han's here, ask him and watch how fast he changes the subject. Han Solo, ha. If I'm around, you don't need that guy." In Star Wars Legends, Dash and Han met at the Imperial Academy, and they developed a friendly rivalry. He later helped Lando Calrissian and Leia track down Han after he was captured by Boba Fett.

Dash Rendar being brought to canon doesn’t necessarily mean that he will appear in future Star Wars films, but it shows that there’s hope for many other characters that were left in Star Wars Legends and declared non-canon to come back somehow. Star Wars Legends is full of stories, characters, and events that can either fill-in some gaps or just add to the current canon, so here’s to hoping that more of these will be brought back at some point.

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