Star Wars Just Brought an Ancient Sith Back to Life

Lord Momin Returns To The Star Wars Universe

The resurrection of Lord Momin is going to forever change what Star Wars fans have thought possible, in far more ways than just the "permanence" of death for an all-powerful Sith Lord. Starting with Lord Momin - in the form of an existing Imperial being controlled by what remains of Momin's soul contained in his helmet - managing to open the doorway, which makes Yoda using lightning in The Last Jedi seem like child's play. When he actually does bridge the living and the dead, the fact that his deceased body greets his soul with a simple "Hello, Me" implies a new understanding of the body and the mind, as they operate in and with The Force.

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Either way, when helmet and body are reunited, Lord Momin is finally and truly resurrected after thousands of years lost to Jedi history. And for those as determined to catalogue the new changes to the new canon as the storytellers of these comics, the issue also shows that Lord Momin's dead form returns with both of its destroyed Sith lightsabers in hand. But before anyone starts to propose that the returned Momin is merely a phantom, a figment, or any other form of a "Force Ghost" and nothing more, his skill in combat is quickly shown to be better than Darth Vader's.

This is another case of it being difficult to detect honor among Sith, since it seems two can never meet without devoting themselves to killing the other. That said, readers have gotten a chance to read through Lord Momin's entire origin and training at the hand of Sith Lady Shaa. It didn't take long for Momin to assume his own superiority to his "master" and prove it by killing her. And in the fight he launches upon Darth Vader, it's easy to see how he managed the task, outmaneuvering Vader to deliver several fatal blows.

Of course, they would only be fatal strikes against a living person - against a half-robotic monster like Darth Vader, even severing a limb or two can not diminish the strength in The Force that was born into Anakin Skywalker, and remains still. In the end, it's Vader's trust in The Force that brings him to victory... and Momin's pride that brings him to ruin.

Lord Momin is Just Another Sith For Vader to Kill

Talented as Lord Momin may be with not one, but two lightsabers akimbo, millennia without his own body seem to have made him forget the great truth of The Force: fighting is fine, but hurling a gigantic piece of rock at your opponent has a quality all its own. In a great twist of poetic justice, Darth Vader flings one of the massive stone tablets constructed by Momin to open the doorway to death back at its sculptor. Unable to move out of the way, Momin must watch helplessly as Darth Vader trusts his power over his faith in the Dark Side, and grinds his enemy's body into paste.

The head of Lord Momin tumbles down to the ground, leaving its future ability to taint, manipulate, and possess new victims in question. The issue ends with Vader replacing the tablet to re-open the doorway, so we don't yet know if he will close this loophole by destroying Lord Momin's helmet for good. But if his mission to revive his beloved Padme ends as poorly as it has begun, we suspect Lord Momin will be finding a way to guarantee he CAN'T be brought back to life.

One less Sith in the galaxy is always a good thing. But for fans, knowing that a new Sith Lord not only existed in ancient history, but tried and failed to return and slay Vader and his master is a story to be treasured... or, you know, retold in Darth Vader's own prequel movie.

Darth Vader #24 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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