Star Wars Just Brought an Ancient Sith Back to Life

Warning: SPOILERS for Darth Vader #24

As if it wasn't news enough for Star Wars fans to add a brand new Sith Lord to the existing mythology, the comics have brought that ancient Sith back to life so he could do glorious battle with Darth Vader.

The comic books have been expanding on the Star Wars lore we know, by confirming that Sith Lords can possess their weapons, to a certain extent. But in the case of Momin, ancient Sith Lords who died even thousands of years in the past can still remain alive in spirit. With Darth Vader's help the evil Sith Lord Momin has just opened the doorway to death, called forth his physical body, and been resurrected into the galaxy far, far away. So it's a good thing that Darth Vader is something of an expert at killing Sith already.

Lord Momin's Helmet Helps Darth Vader Conquer Death

The latest chapter of Darth Vader's story is shaping up to be one of the most important for fans to know - despite only being told now, in the comics and not the films. What started as the birth of Vader's infamous Mustafar castle quickly turned into a tale of Sith immortality, as Vader's architect was no living person. It was Lord Momin, whose helmet was placed on the head of an unsuspecting victim to allow him to be semi-resurrected. Conscious enough, it seems, to lead the construction of Vader's desired doorway into death... and his own secret masterpiece.

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That is where Darth Vader #23 finally led, with Lord Momin making good on his promise to create the perfect temple to to channel The Force. Then, a Sith like Darth Vader could crack open the afterlife. In hindsight, however, Darth Vader should have known an immortal Sith would be more than he claimed. And that if his goal was to bring the dead back to life... trusting a dead man's soul to help him achieve it was more than a little risky.

Lord Momin Tricks Vader To Beat Death Instead

It's a rare case of Darth Vader being flat-out fooled, as Momin proves after helping him to breach the wall between the living, and those who returned to The Force in death. A victory soon put on pause, as the native inhabitants of the planet Mustafar launch an attack on Vader's castle in response to his terrible deeds laying waste to the world, distracting Vader from his goal.

Leaving Momin behind as he tends to the threat, Vader needs witness only a moment of rumbling to realize that he has been deceived. With his designs proven, and Vader possibly even weakening the wall between worlds, the Momin-possessed Imperial makes his move. Repeating the Force ability Vader used before, Lord Momin tears a doorway directly into the land of the dead - and is soon met with his own former body, in need of its former spirit.

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