Star Wars Confirms: Vader ALWAYS Knew Luke Would Defeat Him

Star Wars has changed forever, revealing Darth Vader's Force Vision of his own defeat by Luke Skywalker - before he knew the boy existed.

No Star Wars fan will ever forget the moment Darth Vader struck down his master to save his son. But it's time to re-examine Vader's final scene, now that the truth of it has been revealed: The Force showed Vader exactly how his story would end... years before he even knew Luke Skywalker existed.

The most devoted fans know that the version of the Star Wars story that made it to screen wasn't the only one cooked up by George Lucas (just look at Vader's original story before he became Luke's father). But what made the original trilogy informed the prequels--seemingly setting Anakin Skywalker's story in stone. But that was before Disney purchased the property, wiped clean the existing canon, and began to enrich the films' fiction as they saw fit. And no source of new Star Wars canon has been richer than Marvel's Darth Vader comic book.

Even with the series now over, fans will need to prepare themselves for the biggest twist on the original films yet. Darth Vader's death stunned the world, but a Force vision had shown Vader the lightsaber-wielding young Jedi who would finally defeat him. He just has no idea that Jedi would be his own son.

The Force Showed Vader Himself, Killing The Emperor

Where some Force Visions (like that delivered to Rey in The Force Awakens) come without warning, the greatest prophecy the Force delivered to Darth Vader was most definitely sought out. Well, Vader was searching for something when he created his now-famous castle fortress to pierce the veil between the living and the dead. His overall mission was to enter the Force to resurrect Padmé. But upon crossing that threshold, Vader--or should we say Anakin Skywalker was tossed up against forces he can't possibly understand.

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The Force has much to show Anakin from the very beginning of his life-- seemingly confirming that Emperor Palpatine was his 'father' through the Force--but it continues to the end of his days, as well. Even if Anakin doesn't know that's what he's watching, and reliving. All he sees is a standoff between his two masters, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Sidious. A standoff which ends with Sidious murdering Kenobi... prompting Anakin to rise against his new Sith Master, and turn the killer lightning against him instead. Just as he will eventually do in the real world decades later.

The Force Warns of Vader's Eventual Defeat...

Anakin's path leads through the Emperor to the only real part of his good, pure self that still exists: his beloved Padmé. When even she doesn't recognize him (stating that "Anakin Skywalker is dead"), Anakin is consumed by grief and anger. By not getting his wish of being reunited with the love of his life, it's evident that he isn't the one controlling what the Force unfolds before his eyes. And as he gazes out at the Hellscape the Force created for him to walk, he notices something emerging on the horizon.

At first it seems to be only a beam of blue-white light. Anakin may not recognize his Jedi lightsaber, or the human figure that walks out of it. But the readers know exactly what the Force is granting him a vision of. SPOILERS ahead...

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