• The Star Wars movies have told some tragic stories... 1 / 9

  • But the universe's newest might be the darkest one yet. 2 / 9

    Star Wars Force Unleashed Darth Vader Vertical
  • Starring Rebel pilot Jek Porkins, hero of the Battle of Yavin. 3 / 9

    Star Wars Porkins Vertical
  • A new comic confirms Porkins is a proud TIE Fighter killer... 4 / 9

    Star Wars Biggs Starlighter Vertical
  • Until a hologram of the pilot's family smacks into his fighter. 5 / 9

    Star Wars Comic Empire Holo
  • The message written by the pilot's family? 'Come Home.' 6 / 9

    Star Wars Porkins Vertical
  • A dark reminder that every single Imperial killed in the movies... 7 / 9

    Stormtroopers Vertical
  • Could have been a beloved relative or friend, if not a potential hero. 8 / 9

    Finn Star Wars Vertical
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