Star Wars: The 10 Most Dangerous Types Of Stormtroopers, Ranked

We know what you're thinking. Stormtroopers? Dangerous? Yeah, right. They are officially the worst shots in the Star Wars series. Their ability to miss everything they aim at is legendary. How can there possibly be dangerous kinds of stormtroopers?

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Well, if you've spent any time with the expanded Star Wars universe, you know that stormtroopers are more than they appear to be in the films. They can actually be quite threatening. And, depending on what type of stormtrooper you're dealing with, they can be lethal. Who would have guessed it, right? Read on if you want to know the most dangerous types of stormtroopers out there.

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10 Sandtroopers

Desert heat is one of the last things you want to deal with while in the middle of a firefight. However, that's the price you'll have to pay if you engage in warfare while on a planet like Tatooine or Jakku.

Sandtroopers have definite advantages over any forces they come across while in a desert environment. Their suits of armor come complete with cooling fans and sand filters. So while a sandtrooper's opponent has to contend with the elements during a fight, a sandtrooper can focus their attention solely on victory.

9 Shock Troopers

Imperial shock troopers are a notch above the ranks of regular stormtroopers. Shock troopers are the elite, the best of the best. Whereas stormtroopers are in the cannon fodder, shock troopers hold the lines and make snap battle decisions. They also carry heavier weapons than their grunt counterparts.

Shock troopers get the nice stuff, like heavy blaster rifles or even a rocket launcher. Certain shock troopers are called upon to serve as bodyguards for Imperial officers. They can typically be differentiated from regular stormtroopers by bright red markings on their armor.

8 Cold Assault Stormtroopers

Cold assault stormtroopers, also known as snowtroopers, were equipped with gear to help them survive cold climates. They are immediately recognizable by the sinister helmets they wear. All stormtroopers sport creepy-looking helmets, but the snowtroopers' helmets take the cake.

Only slitted eye-holes distinguish the helmet from the rest of the armor. It makes cold assault stormtroopers look menacing. They also carry heating units on their backs. These units can function as a power source if a snowtrooper ever finds himself stuck in a snowy drift with no rescue in sight.

7 Flametroopers

Flametroopers have existed since the time of the clone troopers, and their effectiveness as a unit has kept their type of stormtrooper active ever since. Currently, in the First Order, flametroopers are an essential type of stormtrooper when it comes to flushing out Resistance fighters from entrenched bases.

If you place a flametrooper at the head of a corridor, one burst of fire should crisp that Rebel scum quite nicely. Flametroopers are accompanied by a contingent of regular stormtroopers to back them up. Flametroopers are slow because they are encumbered by their flamethrower equipment. Regular stormtroopers can move quickly and cover their buddy's back.

6 Jumptroopers

Perhaps the most vital stormtroopers to any assault are the jumptroopers. Jumptroopers are special stormtroopers with jetpacks strapped to their backs. These packs allow them to take measured leaps into the air. Jumptroopers are thus able to get better vantage points on their foes since they have higher mobility.

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They can also use their jetpacks to get behind enemy lines and catch their opponents off guard. When used in tandem with ground troopers, jumptroopers form the pivotal side of a pincer maneuver. Their very existence forces Rebels to check their six constantly, lest they be caught unawares.

5 Armored/Heavy Stormtroopers

Armored stormtroopers, also known as heavy stormtroopers, wear more durable armor than regular stormtroopers. They also carry an orange shoulder-pad on one of their shoulders. While they might trudge alongside the rank and file, heavy stormtroopers show a definite preference for heavy weapons.

All stormtroopers wear some kind of armor, but heavies sport the real stuff. While this hampers their mobility, it makes them a lot harder to blast out of existence with a simple blaster. And while you're trying to shoot them to no avail, they can wheel their heavy-duty weapons in your direction.

4 Scout Troopers

True, the scout troopers on Endor were beaten by an enthusiastic group of cuddly Ewoks. But looking at the scout trooper's description, it's hard to imagine a more dangerous type of stormtrooper.

Scouts wear light armor, the better to move around in quickly. They are sent to reconnoiter spotty locations, and their weapon of choice is a sniper rifle. Not only does this make them masters of reconnaissance, it also makes them highly skilled hitmen. They can take out targets from far distances, maybe without even being seen at all.

3 Death Troopers

Death troopers sound scary just on the basis of their name alone. They also look scary. Death trooper armor is pure black, the kind of black that seems to reflect no light. The shape of their helmets appear different from a regular stormtrooper's helmet, even if the colors were the same.

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These guys are proficient in all sorts of weaponry, from heavy weapons to marksman weapons. They can also fight using hand-to-hand combat. Death troopers are used as bodyguards for Imperial officers, including Grand Moff Tarkin. They can also be deployed for missions of extreme espionage.

2 Shadow Troopers

You know what is more frightening than pitch-black armor? How about camouflaged armor? Shadow troopers are a notch above Death Troopers in a scale of fright because it's practically impossible to see them coming. Shadow trooper armor is built with a cloaking device.

If you're having problems picturing that, just think of Elites with camouflage from Halo. Scary, right? Shadow troopers are trained to use those cloaking devices to sneak up on enemies and then take them out. Who needs actual shadows when you can turn invisible?

1 Imperial Royal Guards

Darth Vader  and Emperor Palpatine have their own collection of stormtroopers that are called the Imperial Royal Guards. These troopers have been trained to do Palpatine's bidding and to protect him at all costs. (Though why they think Palpatine needs protecting is beyond us.)

The Imperial Royal Guards travel alongside Palpatine when he goes to do his dirty work. Instead of regulation white, black, or grey armor, Royal Guards wear bright red armor. Funnily enough, the red armor freaks us out even more than the Shadow trooper armor. It's as if they kept their armor as visible as possible because no matter if you see them coming, they're still going to defeat you.

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