15 Craziest Star Wars Fan Theories (That Make A Lot Of Sense)

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The rise of social media has given obsessive fans a new way to express all their deepest thoughts and overly-analytical observations on all their favorite movies and television shows. The popularity of fan conspiracy theories rests in a rapidly growing segment of geek culture that spans a wide variety properties. Of all the popular franchises inspiring fans to come up with their own ideas and explanations, perhaps none are bigger than Star Wars.

This should come as little surprise to most, as the tales of the Jedi and their adventures in a galaxy far, far away have inspired a litany of stories that exist outside of the films in a section of fandom now called Star Wars Legends. With as many die-hard fans as Star Wars has and a universe full of more questions than answers, the rise of fan theories was a near certainty.

What may have started as simple conversations between fans about questions like, “Where do you think Yoda comes from?” has given way to an entire culture of theories about what the next film in the series contains and where these new characters come from. 

So if you think you’re ready for it, read on and discover the 15 Craziest Star Wars Fan Theories (That Make A Lot Of Sense).

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Worst Star Wars Characters Jar Jar Binks
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15 Darth Jar Jar: The Real Phantom Menace

Worst Star Wars Characters Jar Jar Binks

This should divide anyone reading this list into one of two groups. You’ve either seen this one a ton of times by now or it’s brand new and you’re shaking your head at the idea like Luke at the end of Empire. The basic idea behind the theory is that Jar Jar Binks, every Star Wars fan’s favorite Gungan, was secretly Force sensitive and working for the Sith. It may sound crazy at first, but the more you look into it, the more sense it begins to make. There’s a lot to this theory, but the basic gist of it centers around a few general ideas.

The first thing to note is how skilled Jar Jar was as a fighter. Think back to that climactic battle at the end of Phantom Menace, Jar Jar utilizes what appears to be Drunken Kung Fu to defeat the Droid Army. Jar Jar also utilizes a variety of Force moves such as enhanced Force jumps at numerous times over the course of the film.

Perhaps most interesting of all, Jar Jar appears to utilize the Jedi mind trick when speaking with powerful figures. Constantly making suggestions to people while waving his hands in front of them, just like a Jedi does.

It sounds crazy, but it actually makes Jar Jar Binks a character with a purpose, which is a miracle in itself. The original post on Reddit goes into far more detail and is definitely worth checking out.

14 Use the Force, Han

Han Solo

Han Solo is a lot of things. A smuggler, a scoundrel, a scruffy looking nerf herder, and - maybe - a Force user? This popular fan theory suggests that the pilot of the fastest ship in the galaxy can credit his phenomenal luck to the Force itself.

Take a second and think about all the times Han survived despite insurmountable odds (I know, never tell him the odds). Running away from stormtroopers, the asteroid field, the carbonite freezing, and that blind shot at the Sarlacc pit. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if Han wasn’t just lucky all these times, but was actually channeling the Force?

As if all that wasn’t enough, take a closer look at that first trip in the Millennium Falcon when Han speaks with Obi Wan about the concept of The Force. Sure Han scoffs at the idea of the “hokey religion” but take a look at how the wise Jedi Master reacts. A sly smirk crosses Obi Wan’s face and at first, it just looks like a Jedi laughing at a non-believer. Armed with the idea that Han could be Force sensitive in mind however, it may be Obi Wan smirking because he senses who Han Solo truly is.

13 Chewbacca & R2-D2: Secret Rebel Agents

chewbacca and r2-d2
chewbacca and r2-d2

This classic Star Wars theory was born out of the revelations of the polarizing Prequel Trilogy, particularly things seen during Revenge of the Sith. At the conclusion of Episode Three, R2-D2’s better half, C-3PO has his memory wiped of the events leading up to Anakin’s fall, but oddly enough, the little astromech droid does not. This means, when R2 meets Luke years later in A New Hope, he’s fully aware of who Luke is and what Darth Vader’s relation to him is. Similarly, Chewbacca appears in Episode Three, aiding Yoda in his battles on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, but appears to be unaware of what’s going on as well.

The theory goes along to say that given R2 and Chewie’s knowledge of the events of the Prequel Trilogy, they were actually secret agents working for the Rebellion. Think about it, it would be pretty easy to explain that R2 leads Luke to Obi Wan, who would then take them to Mos Eisley where they could meet up with Han and Chewie.

This fun theory had been previously disputed by some of the books in the expanded universe, but with Disney coming out and disregarding the majority of these stories, maybe this theory will end up becoming canon after all.

12 Boba Fett Killed Luke’s Family

boba fett alongside uncle owen and aunt beru

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter lies at the center of this classic fan theory out of the Star Wars universe. If you think back to A New Hope you’ll remember that our hero, Luke Skywalker returns to his farm home after meeting Obi Wan to find his aunt and uncle burned to a crisp. A devastating revelation, but what if this horrific discovery wasn’t caused by Stormtroopers as initially thought.

This theory states that it wasn’t Stormtroopers who killed Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, but rather Boba Fett. It might sound random at first but take a closer look at the scene from Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader specifically tells the mysterious bounty hunter “No disintegrations” when instructing him to bring in the Millennium Falcon. The most convincing aspect of this scene in regards to this theory is the tone in which Vader says so, as if scolding a child who had previously misbehaved.

If that scene isn’t enough for you, keep in mind that according to the updated version of A New Hope, Boba Fett was present on Tatooine at the time of Luke’s family’s deaths, as seen alongside Han and Jabba.

11 Tatooine Was The Last Place Vader Would Look For Luke

starwars tatooine twin suns

More than a few people have wondered how Luke was “hidden” from his father when it was decided he would be raised on Anakin’s home planet. It seems like a risky play and quite frankly, too obvious to work, but somehow things work out and Luke goes unnoticed by his father until the Battle of Yavin.

It may seem like a screenwriting oversight, but it actually made a lot of sense for Luke to have been hidden specifically on Tatooine. Think back, if you would, to that scene in Attack of the Clones where Anakin explains to Padmé his feelings on sand. In case you forgot this spectacular piece of dialogue, Anakin doesn’t like sand because its coarse, rough, and irritating, and worst of all, it gets everywhere.

The last time we saw Anakin on Tatooine, he witnessed the death of his mother. Filled with rage, the young Jedi Knight slayed the Sand People who caused her death. With nothing left for him on Tatooine except horrible memories of his past, why would he ever want to go back?

10 Qui Gon Jinn Was A Secret Sith Mastermind

Liam Neeson as Qui Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace

Qui Gon Jinn is a controversial figure in the Star Wars universe, both among characters within the story and fans of the series. While recognized as a Jedi Master and mostly respected by his peers, Qui Gon was skeptical of many teachings of the Jedi Council and they were equally skeptical of him. While this alone wouldn’t be enough to point towards this Jedi Master being a secret Sith, a closer look at Qui Gon’s history reveals an intriguing fact about him.

Qui Gon Jinn, as a young Padawan, studied under the Jedi Master turned Dark Lord of the Sith, Count Dooku. If studying under one of the most powerful SIth Lords of his time isn’t enough to sway your opinion on Qui Gon, also consider the fact that in stories told in Star Wars Legends, Qui Gon had an apprentice named Xanatos who also fell to the Dark Side.

With all these powerful Jedis around Qui Gon being persuaded to the Dark Side, maybe it was Qui Gon pulling the strings all along. After all, Qui Gon insisted that Anakin be trained, even against the will of the entire Jedi Council, including the wise Yoda.  

9 The Ewoks Crave Human Flesh

Ewoks Star Wars

This theory doesn’t rely on hidden meanings as much as it simply points out an aspect of Return of the Jedi that many fans overlook. The Ewoks may look cute and cuddly, but don’t let their adorable appearance fool you. These little guys prove to be ferocious warriors, playing an integral role in the Rebellion’s victory over the Empire on the forest moon of Endor. Cute as they appear, take a minute to look closer at the Ewoks. When we first see the Ewoks, they capture our heroes and tie Han Solo up over a fire, apparently in preparation for a meal. Luckily for Han, the Ewoks eventually let him go before he can find out exactly what they have planned.

We may never truly witness the Ewoks feasting on humans like they’re turkeys on Thanksgiving, but the implications are clear. It’s a simple thought, but one that drastically changes the way you may look at that celebration on Endor where the Ewoks are playing drums on those empty Stormtrooper helmets.

8 The Force Can Alter Time

Yoda Uses the Force Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

This Star Wars fan theory is predicated on the mysterious ways of the Force and how little is truly known about it. According to this theory, locations that are strong with the Force, either naturally or due to the presence of a particularly powerful Force user, alter the very fabric of time.

The main source for this theory stems from Luke’s Jedi training with Yoda on the desolate planet of Dagobah. Given the fact that Yoda is one of the most powerful Force users in history, could his control over the unseen Force be strong enough to slow down time itself? If true, this theory would explain the question of how Luke could become a Jedi knight in such a short period of time.

This fun little theory is one that doesn’t have much in the way of things working against it, but at that same time, not much working for it either. Still, the Force is mysterious and possesses a lot of powers we don’t fully understand, so why can’t altering time be one of them?

7 Luke & Leia Have Another Brother

luke skywalker leia star wars return of the jedi

This Star Wars fan theory is for all you grammar nuts out there. During the signature crawl from the beginning of The Force Awakens, one sentence may look a bit odd to the keen eyed fan. The sentence in question is referring to General Leia Organa and reads, “She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.”

As this fan theory goes, the text is missing a pair of commas before and after the word, “Luke.” As far as the sentence structure goes, Luke’s name is unnecessary information to the rest of the sentence if Luke is Leia’s only brother as we have previously been told.

The lack of the comma in this text can mean one of two things. The first is the theory that Luke and Leia have another brother who we would discover at some point in the next couple of movies, or J. J. Abrams and the rest of the staff don’t care much for being grammatically correct.

6 Luke Is At A Gravesite

luke sywalker force awakens ending

Fans may have been shocked when they realized how little Luke Skywalker featured in the latest film in the popular space opera franchise. Aside from Rey’s Force vision, the only time we truly see the popular farm boy turned Jedi is during the film’s final scene. Here, we witness Rey arrive at a desolate island where Luke waits atop a mountain. No words are spoken between the two as the film draws to an end, leaving fans questioning what happens next.

According to this fan theory, Luke didn’t just pick a random island to hang out at, but is actually at a gravesite. The theory even goes so far as to postulate that the small, erect stone near Luke’s feet is the tombstone of whoever is buried here. Is it Darth Vader? Maybe someone killed by Kylo Ren?

While it isn’t clear exactly where Luke is or why he’s there, it at least appears to be somewhere with some significance, so why not a gravesite?

5 Finn Is Force Sensitive

Finn (John Boyega) Wallpaper for Star Wars 7

This fan theory pretty much popped up before any of us really knew anything about Finn. Each of the trailers and promotional images released prior to the opening of The Force Awakens featured John Boyega wielding the signature weapon of the Jedi. While the film may have you believing that this was all smoke and mirrors, designed to throw you off the fact that Rey appears to be the Force sensitive one, there may be more of Finn yet to be discovered.

Finn is seen on numerous occasions during the film to demonstrate abilities generally associated with the Force. When leaving Maz Kanata’s cantina, Finn turns around and looks towards the sky, hearing the destruction of the Hosnian System by Starkiller Base, similar to the way Obi Wan felt the destruction of Alderaan while aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Aside from feeling the destruction of the Hosnian System and displaying the ability to wield a lightsaber, Supreme Leader Snoke practically tells us that Finn can use the Force. When Snoke tells Kylo Ren, “There has been an awakening” is roughly an hour into the film. At this point in the film, Rey has demonstrated no ability with the Force, but Finn has. Finn makes the decision to turn away from the Dark Side and the First Order. Clearly, Snoke isn’t referring to the Force awakening in Rey, but rather, Finn.

4 Snoke Is A Holocron

Snoke and Kylo Ren in Force Awakens

“Your Snoke Theory Sucks” is a common phrase these days amongst the Star Wars fan theory community as nothing has caused such widespread speculation as the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. While little is seen of the Big Bad from The Force Awakens, fans saw enough that a slew of theories have arose in an attempt to identify the secrets he holds.

One fan theory suggests that Snoke’s origin can be traced back to a Sith infested holocron. Fans of Star Wars Legends will recognize holocrons as small devices utilized for information storage. The theory states that in Luke’s attempt to reinstate the Jedi Order, he attempted to rebuild the Jedi library and fill it with proper records and information. Things went a little off course, however, when someone was drawn to a holocron that was infused with the power of the Dark Side. This holocron slowly seduced this Jedi, perhaps Kylo Ren, and was later released, revealing Supreme Leader Snoke.

It’s an interesting theory, but until the rest of the films come out, there’s no way to know for sure. Until then, we’ll have to work off of the assumption that everyone’s Snoke theory sucks as much as the next one.

3 Rey Is The Chosen One

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey poster excerpt


There are tons of theories about who Rey’s parents are and what Rey represents to the rest of the galaxy. One theory that is gradually picking up steam is the idea that Rey is The Chosen One, as prophesied in the prior films.

Many Star Wars purists will argue that this Chosen One title belongs to Anakin Skywalker, with a few arguing that it was his son, Luke who truly brought balance to the Force. This theory does not refute those ideas, but rather expands upon them, claiming that a “Chosen One” is born onto each generation.

Rey has clearly shown to have some sort of connection to The Force and we see her finally locate Luke at the end of Episode Seven. Her natural Force abilities are unlike anything seen in the films as it appears Rey inherently knows how the Force functions. She didn’t have any formal training, that we know of, and yet she displayed the ability to wield a lightsaber, move objects, and utilize the trademark Jedi mind trick. Episode Eight should provide us with a few more hints at what Rey’s true purpose is, but for now, the idea that she is destined to save the universe is a good one.

2 Rey Is A Palpatine

Star Wars - Kylo Ren and Rey battle

One of the crazier fan theories surrounding Rey’s mysterious lineage states that she is indeed related to a significant figure from the past movies. What makes this theory all the more interesting, however, is the idea that our beloved Rey isn’t related to one of the Star Wars universe’s heroes, but rather one of its most notorious villain.

The evidence for this theory generally stems from her dramatic lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren during the thrilling climax of The Force Awakens. A full understanding of this theory requires careful analysis of the scene and a fairly extensive knowledge of the seven traditional forms of lightsaber combat. To sum things up, Rey’s fighting style, while crude and instinctive, doesn’t resemble any known character, except Palpatine. The similarities in their fighting styles are quite uncanny, both utilizing a thrusting strike, unique to these two characters.

Aside from the similarities in combat style, Rey being a Palpatine would create a sort of symmetry with the previous films. Each film to this point has positioned a member of the Skywalker against Emperor Palpatine. What an intriguing twist it would be if this trilogy placed a Palpatine as a hero against yet another fallen member of the Skywalker family.

1 E.T. The Sith Lord

et phone home

Here’s a fun fan theory that dips into a film completely outside of the Star Wars franchise. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a box office smash the featured an adorable alien from a far away planet ending up here on Earth.

The key scene here lies in the Halloween trick-or-treating sequence that features a young child dressed as the Jedi Master, Yoda. E.T. sees the little green Jedi and appears to recognize him. Years later, in one of those captivating Senate scenes from Episode 1, a small group of aliens that look just like E.T. can be spotted amongst the crowds.

Now sure, it may just be a fun, meaningless easter egg between friends, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, but what if its more? Think about the rest of the things E.T. does in the film. The famous bicycle flying scene could be explained by E.T. utilizing the Force to levitate, but that would just mean he’s Force sensitive right? Wrong. The other notable power E.T. exhibits is the ability to cure diseases and injuries, in other words, keeping those he cared about from dying, just like Palpatine explained.

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