Here's Why The Rebels Abandoned Crait And Its Cool Crystal Foxes

Star Wars Luke and Leia on Crait

WARNING: This Article Contains SPOILERS for The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Storms of Crait #1

The mystery of why Crait, the setting of the climax of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, was abandoned has been solved in a new comic. It was mentioned that the planet Crait was home to an old abandoned rebel base.  The unique look of the white salt planet with it's red soil underneath enhanced the already tense atmosphere caused by the battle between the Resistance and the First Order in The Last Jedi. Not to mention the planet's native crystal foxes rival porgs in cuteness. It's a wonder that the Rebellion left Crait at all, but it turns out they had a very good reason.

This is now all known thanks to a new one-shot from Marvel's Star Wars line. The standalone comic entitled Star Wars: The Storms of Crait #1 flashbacks back to the time of the original trilogy, shortly after the events of A New Hope. It sees the original trio of Leia, Han and Luke (who are joined by Wedge Antilles) as they try to settle back onto the base from Crait. Nothing, as usual, goes according to plan.

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It's something that's only hinted at in the pages of Storms of Crait but the comic, nor Last Jedi, is the planet's first appearance in Star Wars canon. Crait first "appeared" in Claudia Gray's novel, Leia: Princess of Alderaan. Leia's father, Bail Organa, set up the rebel base on Crait. It's there where Leia actually learned about her parents' role in the rebellion and the entire Rebel Alliance. It's years after these events that Storms of Crait takes place and the planet is now run by an old acquaintance of Bail, Trusk Berinato.

Berniato turned Crait into a mining facility. He built the mines which decades later would see Rey and Chewbacca fly through in the Millennium Falcon, fighting the First Order. Trusk is also the reason that Crait was abandoned.

After Bail's death, he started working with the Empire. Leia is aware of Trusk's betrayal and goes to Crait try to convince her father's friend to turn back to the Rebellion. It's an effort that fails, spectacularly, causing a skirmish between the Rebellion and the Empire. Leia can't redeem Trusk and everyone must flee to save their lives.

The exchange between Leia and Trusk, and the comic at large, is a nice reminder of Leia's place in the Rebellion (and Resistance). Storms of Crait shows that despite a sometimes hard outer edge, Leia always tries to see the best in people. Leia even admits, that like her father before her, she wants people to achieve their full potential. This isn't just a great tie-in to Last Jedi and Leia's relationship with Poe Dameron - it also might signal where Leia's arc is going after Carrie Fisher's death. Leia's always been a symbol for the Rebellion and she can still make her presence felt even if she doesn't physically appear in Episode IX.

Besides Leia there are a few other good moments in Storms of Crait. Luke really hates the planet, which could explain (even in a joking manner) why he doesn't physically visit the planet during Last Jedi. Like all Star Wars comics there continues to be more great banter between Leia and Han, as well as a cool lightsaber battle between Luke and stormtrooper Sergeant Kreel from SCAR Squadron; a recurring villain in the mainline Star Wars comics.

Star Wars: Storms of Crait #1 is available now

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