14He Can Grab A Black Hole In His Hands

Star Wars Black Hole

Sometimes a power is so cool that upon seeing it you have no choice but to scream some type of obscenity. This is that power, because even though you might not have seen it before, just picturing Luke Skywalker grabbing a black hole with his bare hands is enough to

cause you to say “What the F***?!”

Taken from the Star Wars book Dark Tide: Onslaught, Luke’s powers in black hole manipulation don’t come without controversy. Still, the book is relatively clear in explaining what Luke Skywalker did; he used the Force to grab onto the black hole that stood in front of him, put all his effort into moving it away from him, and he brought it next to a vehicle which then got sucked straight into it. So, yeah, he grabbed a black hole and caused it to do his dirty work. How’s that for a badass power you didn’t know Luke Skywalker had?

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