Star Wars Comic-Con 2018 Poster Unites The Three Trilogies

A special Star Wars poster made for San Diego Comic-Con brings the three trilogies of the Skywalker saga together. The galaxy far, far away is expected to have a minimal presence at the convention this year, seeing that Solo: A Star Wars Story has already premiered in theaters and Episode IX is set to start production later this month. And with Lucasfilm reportedly reevaluating their strategies before forging ahead with a new slate of films, the studio isn't ready to make any major public announcements at a venue like SDCC. That said, there will still be a few things for Star Wars fans to check out.

In addition to a special 10-year anniversary panel for the Clone Wars animated series, Hasbro is bringing a slew of exclusive collectibles that can be purchased on the show floor. New toys won't be the only item people can pick up, as there's now been a brand new poster unveiled.

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The Twitter account Star Wars Stuff shared an image of it recently. Its design celebrates the three eras of the mainline saga, taking fans on a journey from the prequels to the sequels. You can check it out for yourself in the space below:

Some fans have complained about the omissions of certain characters (most notably Finn and Poe on the sequel section), but this one-sheet still makes for a nice visual representation of the saga, featuring several key players. One standout element is having Darth Vader framed by the mirroring images of Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren, which is perhaps very fitting. The former Ben Solo is well aware of his grandfather's legacy and aspired to be like Vader, so this choice reads as intentional. Additionally, the poster makes sure to tip its hat to every released film from each trilogy. For instance, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are from The Phantom Menace, while Han Solo is in his Endor gear from Return of the Jedi. It's nice to see all the movies get their due.

Lucasfilm isn't bringing anything to Hall H this year, but they will have a booth on the showroom floor as they have in the past. In all likelihood, fans will be able to get this poster, along with other pieces of merchandise, there. It'll be interesting to see what Lucasfilm displays at their booth. With no movie on the immediate horizon, they might have to settle for reflecting on the past and celebrating the previous installments of the franchise. 2019 should be a bigger year for the studio, but taking it easy in the back half of 2018 might do them some good.

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Source: Star Wars Stuff

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