Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 Premieres in October

The words "Clone Wars" were only mentioned once in the original Star Wars trilogy, while the three "prequel" films (during which the Clone Wars are set) are the generator of all kinds of feelings and mental images that are often hard for me to describe.

What isn't hard for me to describe is the tone, quality and vision of George Lucas's most recent animated offering, The Clone Wars - an ongoing series of CGI cartoons that recently received a second season green-light on Cartoon Network. The series will continue to offer literal filler of the years, events, and goings-on which occurred between the feature-film events of the Star Wars prequels.

The Clone Wars second season will offer 22 full episodes, running 30 minutes each, beginning with a special one-hour season premiere on October 2nd, 2009. Season 2 promises more insight about the origins and relationships between established and soon-to-be-introduced Star Wars characters, with a particular focus on the bounty hunters ("Rise of the Fetts?").

"Satisfaction"... That's not a word you'll often hear from anyone when talking about any Star Wars movie prior to the original trilogy, but it's true for The Clone Wars. All of the pain, embarrassment and "childhood-rape" of the Star Wars prequels gets a lot more polish in this cartoon series.

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Source: Cinemastatic

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