Star Wars: Clone Wars Revived By Disney; First Trailer Revealed

UPDATE: Read our breakdown of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is officially coming back. Prior to Disney taking control of Lucasfilm, the animated show Clone Wars was the lone movie or TV content Star Wars got after the prequels. The series was created by George Lucas as a way to continue to explore that timeline he loved and was shepherded by Dave Filoni. The series ran for five seasons prior to its untimely cancellation, but then received a sixth season comprised of "Lost Missions."

There's often been talks of the premature ending to Clone Wars and how they never got to end the story they wanted. That is why Filoni wanted to end Star Wars Rebels after just four seasons, so he wasn't left in a similar instance. However, it has just been announced that Clone Wars is coming back.

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During Star Wars: The Clone Wars' panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that the show is coming back. The return will happen on Disney's streaming service and pick up after the events of the sixth season. The seventh (and maybe final) season will be made up of 12 episodes. There's no release date at this time. A first trailer was also revealed, which can be viewed above, as well as a first poster featured below.

The trailer for Clone Wars is light on details to start, but finally kicks into gear halfway through. The usual cast of characters fans would expect to see are included, most notably Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They're shown walking together as they see Captain Rex once again, but they don't seem to know why they've been summoned. That's when they see a hologram of Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze and start to piece it all together.

While all of the info fans of Clone Wars have been waiting for isn't yet available, this is an exciting and surprising announcement nonetheless. In an interview with Star Wars, Filoni said as much by admitting he didn't think this type of conclusion would ever happen. He didn't reveal any further information unfortunately, but just sees this as a "rewarding" opportunity to tell the rest of this story.

For Disney though, this immediately gives their streaming service another big property. Not only is this new season of Clone Wars going to be included, but Jon Favreau is also working on the first live-action Star Wars series, which will debut there too. Whenever the platform launches, hopefully the wait won't be too long before Star Wars: The Clone Wars' return is made available.

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