Star Wars: Clone Wars Return Will 'Finish' The Show

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is returning to finish the show. The series aired for six seasons, from 2008 to 2013 on Cartoon Network. Created by George Lucas, The Clone Wars covered the three-year period between Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. New stories about existing characters to the Star Wars saga including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Yoda, Chancellor Palpatine, Yoda, and even Darth Maul were the focus of the series.

The Clone Wars built on the groundwork established in Attack of the Clones, delving into the war that was fought between the Republic’s clone army and Count Dooku’s Separatist forces. During the series, the clone army was developed into three-dimensional characters like Captain Rex. In addition to the clones, new characters like Ahsoka Tano, the padawan to Anakin Skywalker, were introduced to fans. She would go on to become one of Star Wars' most popular characters. And now, it looks like they're all coming back for another round.

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The news about The Clone Wars returning was announced during Thursday morning’s Clone Wars 10th Anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con by Dave Filoni. Lucasfilm quickly offered more detail on the series in an interview with Filoni, who confirmed they are finishing the story. "Any opportunity to put the final pieces of the story in place is meaningful as a storyteller. I’m happy for the opportunity to define these things and the end of this part of the Clone War," he said. The series will return with 12 new episodes on Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming service.

Fans have been asking for a continuation of The Clone Wars since the series ended, with Ahsoka Tano leaving the Jedi Order in 2013. While a few episodes entitled "The Lost Missions" aired after season 5, the series was never adequately wrapped up. Filoni expressed how important the series was to fans that grew up with it and, after it concluded, he moved onto Star Wars Rebels. A trailer for the new Clone Wars revival was shown along with a graphic featuring the hashtag #CloneWarsSaved, indicating that it was the fan campaign to bring back the series that convinced Disney-owned Lucasfilm to give it another chance. The trailer featured the return of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano, and Bo-Katan Kryze.

The new season of The Clone Wars episodes will continue storylines developed during the first six seasons, but this isn’t the only Star Wars show coming to Disney’s streaming service. Earlier this year, Star Wars’ third animated show, Star Wars Resistance, was announced along with a live-action series from Jon Favreau. After Star Wars Rebels ended this past spring, fans of the universe built by these animated series will have more material to look forward to. This was merely an unexpected but welcomed surprise for Star Wars fans.

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