This Baby Is All Of Us When Meeting Chewbacca

An interaction between a baby and Star Wars icon Chewbacca at the Galaxy's Edge theme park is delighting the internet for one simple reason: this baby is all of us when meeting Chewbacca. The tremendous strength and towering presence of George Lucas’ Wookiee immediately stole the hearts of audiences around the world when he first appeared in 1977.

Since those early Star Wars days, Chewbacca has become a staple of the franchise, despite the fact that he doesn’t possess the flashy on-screen abilities of more prominent characters such as Jedis or bounty hunters. Nonetheless, Chewie is a definite fan favorite, and the late Peter Mayhew, who played the gentle giant, maintained an ample and dedicated fanbase throughout his entire lifetime. In fact, Mayhew’s legacy continues to live on to this day, even though acting duties for the character have now been passed on to former basketball player, Joonas Suotamo. The dependable Wookiee and first mate to Han Solo is set to return in the upcoming finale to the latest Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Before Disney turned the Star Wars universe into a bona fide theme park attraction at both their California and Florida parks, the average fan’s chances of encountering Chewbacca were somewhat slim. Now, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge provides ample opportunity on a daily basis to come in contact with one of the franchise’s most beloved characters. Even those who have yet to see the films can be presented with the unique option to share a moment with Star Wars characters. In this particular case, the Twitter account Streaming The Magic has shared a video of a baby, dressed in a Chewbacca shirt, meeting the famed Wookiee for the first time at Galaxy’s Edge and absolutely loving the experience. The 27-second video is heartwarming, to say the least, and you can check it out below:

What Star Wars fan can’t relate to the unadulterated joy that Chewie is bringing to the baby in the video clip? Even the most old-school, curmudgeonly Star Wars fan surely can’t watch this without being reminded of the days when everything about Star Wars was brand new and the thrill of a galaxy far, far away was everything. Obviously, a baby has no way of knowing who or what Chewie is exactly. But the ease with which Chewbacca brings joy will likely serve as a reminder to many that despite the global empire that the Star Wars franchise has become since debuting in 1977, there is something at the heart of it that connects with people on a very pure and simplistic level.

This sort of unbridled joy is a big reason why the Star Wars franchise has survived for as long as it has, and why it continues to thrive. Even with Disney announcing that it plans to slow down on creating spin-off Star Wars films in the years ahead, there are plans to create another trilogy after the upcoming release of Rise of Skywalker. Still, with every new generation, there are those for whom the franchise is brand new, and for whom the characters, like Chewbacca, continue to bring pure joy. That alone ensures a continued future for Star Wars and its extensive cast of characters.

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Source: Streaming The Magic

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