Star Wars Celebration 2019 5-Day Tickets Already Sold Out

Star Wars Celebration 2019

Bad news for those Star Wars fans who have not yet bought their 5-day ticket to the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago in 2019. Although tickets for next year's Star Wars Celebration for April, 2019 just went on sale this week, the 5-day tickets are already completely sold out.

The Star Wars Celebration is one of the biggest fan events of all time. Bringing in Star Wars fans from all over the world, the Celebration usually features some pretty exclusive happenings, including exclusive sneak peeks to upcoming movies, opportunities to get photos and autographs of many of the stars of the movies, and a chance at exclusive merchandise that is not available anywhere else. It's a massive affair that brings in thousands of Star Wars fans and the sell-out shows just how popular  it has become.

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The official Star Wars Celebration Facebook page is reporting that 5-day tickets are already sold out for 2019's Celebration. VIP passes almost immediately sold out as soon as they went up earlier this week. The official Facebook account previously posted that almost 90% of the 5-day tickets were gone, which probably prompted fans to jump onboard to grab the last of those particular tickets available. For those still wishing to attend the event, though, individual day tickets are still available, but if the 5-day ticket sell-out is any indication, it's probably best to get them now, rather than wait.

The Star Wars Celebration hotel block also went up earlier this week, although most fans seem to report that there are very few affordable nearby options available. Only a few hotels are within walking distance of the Celebration site, McCormick Place, in downtown Chicago. There are, however, a few more affordable options further out for fans who are willing to take a taxi, shared ride service or public transportation.

Generally, tickets for the Star Wars Celebration last for months longer: the 2017 event still had tickets available through to the December before it occurred (which was also in the spring). Next year's event, though, is in the Midwest, which means that those fans who couldn't afford traveling to either Anaheim or Orlando can actually afford traveling to Chicago, so perhaps that's why these tickets sold out so fast. This also proves that there is no stopping the juggernaut that is Star Wars, in spite of fans' complaints about the last few movies. Star Wars fans continue to show that they're willing to throw money at the franchise.

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