Star Wars Celebration 2019 Round-Up: The Biggest News & Reveals

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Disney Premiered Footage From The Mandalorian - But Didn't Release It Online

Sunday's The Mandalorian panel aired exclusive footage from the upcoming Disney + live-action Star Wars show. Although Lucasfilm chose not to release this online - anyone watching online was treated to a hold screen and Star Wars music - we were able to release a full description.

Character Reveals For The Mandalorian

Cara Dune The Mandalorian Gina Carano

The panel revealed that Gina Carano's character is called Cara Dune, an ex-Rebel shock trooper who's struggling to acclimatize to civilian life now the war with the Empire is over. Carl Weathers plays Greef, head of a chapter of the Bounty Hunters Guild, who hires the Mandalorian for a mission. From the footage, it appears the job is for a leader in the Empire, and involves a mystery that runs back to before Palpatine rose to power.

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Lucasfilm Revealed A Trailer & Footage For The Clone Wars Revival

Lucasfilm may have chosen to be secretive about The Mandalorian, but they were willing to lift the lid on the Clone Wars revival. They released a brand new trailer celebrating Ahsoka's return, and premiered three clips at the panel as well:

  • An action scene involving the Bad Batch, a crack team of Clone Troopers who prove to be uniquely skilled combatants.
  • An extended sequence showing Ahsoka attempting to pilot a speeder in Coruscant's lower levels. Unfortunately it turned out to be damaged, and the flight nearly ended in catastrophe.
  • An unfinished clip showing Ahsoka returning to the Clone Wars in order to lead Clone Troopers in the Siege of Mandalore. Although Ahsoka had left the Jedi, the Clone Troopers still respected her, and had chosen to decorate their helmets in her honor.

The Return of Darth Maul in The Clone Wars Revival

The Clone Wars revival will feature the Siege of Mandalore, and Sam Witwer - who voices Darth Maul - promised that it will be an important character arc for the former Sith Apprentice. According to Witwer, Maul will actually come close to breaking the cycle he's been locked in ever since The Phantom Menace. Dave Filoni revealed thatthis time Maul's action scenes will be modeled on Ray Park, who played Maul in The Phantom Menace and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Story of Hera Syndulla Will Be Continued In A Tie-In Novel

Star Wars Rebels may have come to an end, but Hera Syndulla's story isn't over. At the Lucasfilm Publishing panel, Alexander Freed revealed that his upcoming Star Wars tie-in novel, Alphabet Squadron, will see Hera take command of a rag-tag group of New Republic pilots in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor.

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