Star Wars: Mark Hamill Hosting Carrie Fisher Tribute At Celebration

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Comforts Mark Hamill as Luke in Star Wars A New Hope

There are plenty of reasons for Star Wars fans to be excited in 2017. For starters, this December sees the release of the hotly-anticipated The Last Jedi, which continues the Skywalker family saga. Additionally, the franchise as a whole is celebrating its 40th anniversary, giving everyone a chance to reflect on the enduring legacy of the galaxy far, far away as they look ahead to what Lucasfilm has in store for the future. Unfortunately, these occasions have a bittersweet tone to them, as a key part of Star Wars isn't here to celebrate with everyone else. Last December, Carrie Fisher passed away following a heart attack.

The icon's death greatly affected the Star Wars community, and the past three months have seen outpourings of emotion as Fisher's family, friends, and fans continue to mourn the tragedy. Much of this year's Star Wars Celebration in Orlando will be cause for excitement, but one panel in particular will likely have a more somber mood. We speak of a tribute to the late great Fisher hosted by none other than her on-screen twin, Mark Hamill.

An official release on announced Hamill's involvement at Celebration, where he will be present for all four days of the convention. Friday, April 14 sees the actor host "Mark Hamill's Tribute to Carrie Fisher," where he will remember the "talent, humor, and legacy" of the actress. Hamill has already penned a loving tribute to his co-star and shared memories of his time with her, so there are sure to be several entertaining and touching stories to hear for those in attendance.

Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Star Wars Behind the Scenes

Hamill will also have his own panel on Sunday, April 16, fittingly called "Hamill Himself" (perhaps taken after his Twitter moniker). That consists of an hour of "anecdotes and an audience Q&A" that will cover a wide variety of topics. Obviously, Star Wars will be the focus, but Hamill is a consummate showman who can entertain the audience in a plethora of ways. There's no telling what he'll share this time around, so fans will want to be sure to catch "Hamill Himself" as well if they're staying in Orlando for the whole weekend.

Undoubtedly, one of the things at the top of many a Last Jedi wish list is a reunion between Luke and Leia. Shortly after Fisher's passing, Oscar Isaac shared an image of the two together on-set, so hopefully that means their characters will share at least a little bit of screen time in Episode VIII. After all, Leia was the one who desperately wanted to find her brother so he could join the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, and ideally Luke won't spend the entire film in isolation with Rey. If he is the last Jedi, he could be a valuable asset in the conflict.

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