Star Wars: 10 Famous Cameos Fans Probably Didn't Even Notice

Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper in Star Wars The Force Awakens

From the Skywalker Saga to the anthology pieces, George Lucas' Star Wars franchise is one that has transcended generations. From the debut of A New Hope in 1977, to the upcoming release of the untitled Episode IX this year, any media set in a galaxy far, far away is sure to excite audiences of all ages.

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The incredible popularity of Star Wars is not restricted only to lay-folk, either. Like us, celebrities of all statuses who are Star Wars fans are just as eager to see the next big movie in the franchise as us. Some of these icons even go so far as to work themselves into the movie in a cameo role, which most of the time goes unnoticed to the untrained eye, or ear. Because of some very prevalent "secret" cameos, we compiled a list of some cameos you might have missed in Star Wars.

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Edgar Wright Cameo In Star Wars The Last Jedi
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10 Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright Cameo In Star Wars The Last Jedi

The director of Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World wedged his way into the Star Wars franchise in 2017's, The Last Jedi. Listed generically on IMDB as a "resistance trooper," Wright spilled the beans on Twitter just a few days after the movie was released in theaters, sharing a photo of he, his brother, and two fellow directors (Joe Cornish and Leo Thompson) dressed in their "grubby resistance" costumes.

9 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Star Wars.

Gordon-Levitt's inclusion in The Last Jedi was a historic one for he and director Rian Johnson, as it continued Gordon-Levitt's streak of appearances in each of Johnson's films. Most widely known for his roles in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and 500 Days of Summer, JGL first collaborated with Johnson for the latter's first feature film, Brick.

In Episode VIII, Gordon-Levitt plays Slowen Lo, an Abednedo alien, and resident of Canto Bight. Slowen is the individual responsible for Finn and Rose's arrest, as he witnesses them illegally land their ship on a Canto Bight beach, for which he turns them into the authorities. His performance is easy to miss, as Slowen is physically portrayed by the creature and droid performer, Dee Tails.

8 Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards on the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set

Director, writer, and visual effects specialist, Gareth Edwards, was also among those granted cameos in The Last Jedi. The decision on Rian Johnson's part to include him was a nice touch by the director, since Edwards directed a Star Wars film of his own, Rogue One (there also may have been a bit of a quid-pro-quo going on, more on that later).

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If you want to pick out Edwards, his role is not near as obscure as others on this list. He appears late in the film on the planet Crait as one of the resistance fighters getting ready for battle. Hint: he is one of the only soldiers not wearing a helmet.

7 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig and Daisy Ridley in Star Wars The Force Awakens

James Bond himself found a way onto the cast list of JJ Abrams' The Force Awakens. Daniel Craig plays a stormtrooper, specifically the one that is tasked with watching over the captive Rey, before he eventually succumbs to her "mind trick."

Craig may not have "forced" his way onto the set of Episode VII, but he came pretty close. Apparently, a lot of the scenes in Star Wars are filmed in England's Pinewood Studios, which just so happens to be the site where the Bond flick Spectre was set to film. Craig's friend and colleague for Spectre, Ben Dixon, was also serving as the assistant director for The Force Awakens, and one day Craig outright asked him if he could be in the movie. Dixon reported this request to JJ Abrams, and the rest, as they say, is history.

6 Prince William And Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge both made appearances in The Last Jedi, but their cameos definitely fall under the category of ones you probably missed. The royal siblings featured as Storm Troopers in Episode VIII, but their scene was ultimately cut before the movie's release to the big screen. Although, it is available in the deleted scenes of the blu-ray edition.

Speculation and off the record sources have suggested that it was due to the pair standing out too much, as both stand over 6-feet tall, while stormtroopers are widely held to a 5'11" uniform height. As fun as it would have been to see them in the theatrical version, overall continuity is more important than an in the moment "are those two stormtroopers Dukes?!"

5 Rian Johnson

Before Rian Johnson gave Gareth Edwards a cameo in The Last Jedi, he was provided with a surprise role of his own in Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Johnson played a Death Star cannon operator in the 2016 film, a role that holds a lot of weight in the Star Wars universe. Although it is not clear if the role Johnson plays in Rogue One is intended to be one of the same cannon operators who fire the Death Star in A New Hope, we are free to speculate (hope) that this is indeed the case.

This layer of inclusion makes the Edwards' cameo in The Last Jedi that much more fulfilling, as a nice gesture of respect and camaraderie between the two directors.

4 Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher and his Alien in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Although the only entry on this list to not be human, this canine is just as much a celebrity as the others. Gary was the late Carrie Fisher's trusted companion, adopted by the star in 2012 to help her cope with bipolar disorder. Gary would accompany his mother to many media-related events over the years, eventually going on to co-star with her in The Last Jedi.

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When Finn and Rose are in the casino on Canto Bight, a space creature in the background can be seen holding a black, french-bulldog-looking alien dog, who is none other than Gary Fisher.

Since Carrie's passing, Gary has since "retired" to Florida with her former assistant, Corby McCoin, and frequently posts to social media about how much he misses his mom.

3 Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Not only did Simon Pegg play Scotty in the rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, but he also played a role in The Force Awakens back in 2015, adding his name to an exclusive group of actors to have appeared in both of the historic franchises.

In Episode VII, Pegg is "hidden" behind heaps of costume and prosthetic for his role as Unkar Plutt, who fans will remember well as the junk boss doling out food rations for scrap metal on Jakku.

2 Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith in Star Wars.

Followers of Kevin Smith will know just how passionate he is about virtually everything deemed as "nerd-culture," and Star Wars is no exception. Which is why we would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Smith found out about this opportunity to star in a Star Wars film, himself, in The Force Awakens.

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Albeit brief and just a voiced line, the director of Clerks and Dogma can be heard on the battle on Takodana, as his lines were provided for the first stormtrooper who sees Poe Dameron and friends flying in to provide back-up at Maz Kanata's castle.

"We have incoming at 28.6! Move!”

1 Mark Hamill

Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi BB8 and Dobbu Scay Canto Bight

Although Star Wars fans recognize Hamill's face as that of the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, most of his career has actually only featured his voice. Separate from Star Wars, Hamill has become a staple of the DC Animated Universe, voice acting for the Batman villain Joker since 1992.

In The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson was able to pay homage to this side of Hamill, and gave him a "secret" voice acting role. This second role of Hamill's in Episode VIII is that of Dobbu Scay, a computer-generated alien creature in the Canto Casino, who humorously believes that BB-8 is a slot machine.

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