Star Wars Creative Executive Hints Smaller Details in Canon May Vary

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Pablo Hidalgo has recently gone out to address Star Wars canon, and the fascination, and confusion surrounding it. A huge part of the Star Wars fandom culture involves dealing with countless speculations and picking apart every single detail until an official announcement of what is definitive comes out. That said, the exec and Lucasfilm story group member himself shares his thoughts on the matter revealing that not every single thing in the famed saga is intentionally created to have a certain meaning.

Over the years, Star Wars fans have devoted time carefully looking back at the franchise's films, as well as its other tie-ins to make sure that everything makes perfect sense. Case in point: the fan-made online encyclopedia exclusively for the series called Wookipedia. But as the "galaxy far, far away" continues to expand with new movies, spin-offs, novels, shorts, and even video games, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all the information. That said, Star Wars is still one of the best franchises in terms of linking interconnected plot lines and characters transcending various medium.

Hidalgo's recent comments, however, seemingly urge fans to not fixate so much about the finer details -- explaining that Lucasfilm does not really get caught up in all the small stuff. In a barrage of tweets from his official Twitter account, Hidalgo shared his thoughts on the so-called "canon dialogue" but not before issuing a disclaimer writing, "It is not reflective of any company policy. It's not a commandment. It's not a rule. Just an observation."

On occasion when asked about something specific, I'll answer, 'Canon doesn't split those hairs.' What do I mean by that?

— Pablo Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) July 4, 2017

As an example, Hidalgo cited the infamous debate on who shot first -- Han Solo or Greedo. The question has spurred many a conversation. But for Hidalgo, he prefers looking at it in a way that "all that's canon is that two people entered that booth, & Greedo died. Reports vary."

While larger events hold a significant place in the story, it makes sense that some minutiae remain flexible, allowing for more nuanced storytelling down the road. A great example of this can be seen in the way the same story can have slight changes from the movie to the novelization and comic book adaptation. Minor changes to dialogue or certain events might make sense on paper, but translate differently on screen, at which point a "strict adherence to canon" would essentially be impairing certain mediums from telling the best story.

On the flip side, there are probably going to be some other details that will remain unknown, like Jedi Master Yoda's species, as well as, the "Who Shot First" debate. If anything, fans' relentless obsession with these Star Wars mysteries is a testament to how the space opera has built a massive community of passionate and highly involved people who keep the franchise evolving.

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Source: Pablo Hidalgo

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