'Star Wars' Blu-Ray Collection Trailer: New Footage, Pretty Picture

Trailer for Star Wars the Complete Saga on Blu-ray

No matter what type of Star Wars fan you are (original trilogy or complete saga), if you're any kind of cinemaphille you've got to be at least somewhat excited for the release of the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray collection this Fall.

The Star Wars Blu-ray release is a big enough deal to warrant its own trailer, and that is exactly what we have to share today.

Sure, this release is primarily for the continued fattening of George Lucas' pockets, but for fans all over the world, there is something to enjoy in this preview. Namely: New footage from the Star Wars saga.

Of course, since this is only a trailer, that "new footage" is actually just a teasing glimpse of what the actual Blu-ray release will offer. We also get glimpses of bonus features like interviews, making-of documentaries and other goodies (40 hours worth) that will keep fans of the saga carving out a nice butt-groove in the cushions of their home theater.

Take a look at the Star Wars Blu-ray trailer below:

For all my gripes about how this series has declined in quality with each new installment or spinoff, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for this release. I was excited back in the late '90s when Episodes IV, V & VI were all re-released in theaters leading up to the release Phantom Menace, and I skipped school the day that film came out to have a premiere party with all my friends. I was excited when the DVD collection was released, and I'm excited now. Despite how much I dislike the new trilogy, sitting down in my home theater for a day-long Star Wars saga marathon in HD Blu-ray is an awesome prospect. On day two, I'll indulge in all those great bonus features.

For fans of the original trilogy: You'll have the choice of purchasing just those on Blu-ray for a fulfilling half-marathon.

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray collection will be in stores on September 12th (UK) and September 16th (US).

Source: Yahoo

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