15Lightsaber/Blaster (Ezra/Star Wars Rebels)

Ezra's Lightsaber Blaster in Star Wars Rebels

Fans of Star Wars Rebels will instantly recognize Ezra Bridger’s one of a kind design. The blaster-meets-saber weapon debuted during Star Wars Rebels, Season One, Episode 8, "Path of the Jedi". After hearing rumors of a lost Jedi Temple, Kanan discovers the hidden

location on none other than Ezra’s home planet, Lothal. Kanan journeys to the temple with his padawan, hoping to discover more information about the Jedi arts. Inside, Ezra is tested with alarming visions of the loss of his friends, but he is guided by the Force and hears the voice of Yoda. After overcoming the challenge, Ezra finds himself with an elusive kyber crystal. Taking a do-it-yourself approach, Ezra got to work on his very own blade. Director Dave Filoni spoke to Slash Film about the weapon, stating that he was inspired to give the blaster an unpolished, homemade feel that was inspired by nail guns and staple guns. After working on it for weeks, Bridger took DIY to the next level by piecing together his unique blaster blade. Hera and Kanaan shared a few spare parts, Sabine supplied modulation circuits and an energy gate, while Chopper lent a power cell to the project. A surprising mash-up of an elegant lightsaber with the brute force of a blaster, Ezra’s hybrid style weapon sounds like a dream come true. 

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