Star Wars Battlefront Live-Action Trailer: Feel The Nostalgia

Star Wars has maintained a consistent presence as a cultural phenomenon ever since the first movie hit theaters all the way back in 1977. However, with so many new Star Wars properties slated to arrive within the coming months, that phenomenon has recently hit a fever pitch.

In anticipation of the eagerly awaited video game Star Wars Battlefront, a new live action commercial has been released - one which should invoke some serious nostalgia for anyone who grew up with George Lucas' iconic cosmic saga.

The latest Star Wars Battlefront trailer very much plays on the appealing idea of the Star Wars franchise come to life in the real world, complete with elements of John Williams' score and teases of the Battle of Hoth level from the upcoming video game. On a fundamental level, the advertisement taps into the emotional connection that this generation feels to the Star Wars saga. Despite its humble beginnings as a film series in the 1970's Star Wars has become a cornerstone of western culture -- a fundamental part of most childhoods. This trailer seems to enforce the idea that technology has finally reached a point where we can truly immerse ourselves in the galaxy far far away.

That said: VG 24/7 has noted that a representative for EA - when asked on Twitter - revealed that Star Wars Battlefront "will not have private matches at launch," despite the wishes of many fans. However, the wording of the company's statement seems to indicate that they may host private matches down the line for friends to do battle with one another. Indeed, VG 24/7 further notes that certain Battlefront modes (such as the Walker Assault) have high player counts that should prove to be difficult to fill with just a private match.

Star Wars Battlefront - Hoth

Live-action trailers (similar to the Star Wars Battlefront preview) have become increasingly common for video games - capitalizing on the emotional core of each respective property. The Halo franchise has probably become the best known example of this practice, creating pathos drenched ads that strike an emotional chord arguably better than most modern war movies. The Fallout series followed suit by producing an ad that showcased the franchise's goofy take on the nuclear apocalypse.

In the case of this Star Wars Battlefront trailer, it seems to take full advantage Star Wars' timelessness and ubiquity -- emphasizing the idea of it as something shared between friends.

Star Wars Battlefront releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20th, 2015.

Source: Playstation

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